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Advertising Plan For Dell In Malaysia

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1.0 Situation Analysis Dell the world's leading direct computer systems company, with approx. 34,400 employees in 34 countries around the globe. One bold concept-direct customer contact-has made Dell one of the most successful companies of the 1990s. Dell designs, build and customize products and services to satisfy a range of customer requirements. From the server, storage and Premier Services needs of the largest global corporations, to those of consumers at home. They do business directly with customers, one at a time, and believes that no one else does it better than Dell. The people of Dell work hard to meet the needs of each customer with carefully tailored solutions based on industry-standard technology. Dell deals directly with their customers, in person, via the Internet or by phone. So Dell?s understanding of their needs is instantaneous. It enables them to effectively and efficiently deliver world-class products and services that keep their customers coming back.Dell understands the computing needs of businesses and institutions. Dell runs one of the world's leading Internet sites at, which generates about half of their sales and makes them the ideal company to show their customers how to take advantage of online tools. From advanced server and storage products to exceptional service after the sale, Dell knows what customers want and need because customers always inform them directly, and they always meet those requirements at super speed. Dell?s global strategy is to be the premier provider of products and services, including those that customers require to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures. With manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America, they are close to their customers wherever they are. And they use their outstanding products, services and direct relationships to meet the unique needs of those customers, one at a time.Currently in Malaysia, the online services, which Dell provides, does seem to be attractive. Online system may be attractive in United States, but its not very attractive in Malaysia. So Dell is coming up with a new advertising campaign targeting to the home and education users in Malaysia. The reason is because, the sales are dropping tremendously, and this is due to the lack of awareness among the target customer. So by using the advertising campaign that is recommended, it might help Dell to overcome the crisis.2.0 Objectives In order to launch the advertising plan effectively, both the marketing objectives as well as the communications objectives are important to be considered.2.1 Marketing Objective These are the marketing objectives that Dell should achieve after launching the advertising campaign.(i) To increase unit sales of notebooks and personal computers by 25 percent during next 12 months.(ii) To generate 10 percent profit over the next 12 months.(iii) To increase the market share by 5 percent over...

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