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Running head: PRODUCT OFFERING: KUDLER FINE FOODSProduct Offering: Kudler Fine FoodsUniversity of Phoenix Product Offering: Kudler Fine FoodsKudler Fine Foods is a successful gourmet grocery store chain that prides itself in providing only the top products and services to its affluent and discriminating consumer. The success of Kudler Fine Foods is largely determined by how well its departments perform at their duties in combination with how well these activities are coordinated to conduct core business processes. One such core business process is the new offering realization process that includes all the activities involved in researching, developing, and launching new high-quality offerings quickly and within budget (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p. 38). For Kudler Fine Foods to sustain profitable longevity and a competitive advantage in the grocery industry it must bring to market new products that will satisfy the relevant needs and wants of their customers.Kudler Fine Foods has been providing its customers with the finest products and the best shopping experience since beginning operations in 1998. The ability to identify what products and services are important to its target consumer is a core competency of Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler will continue to address the following market needs:Finest quality foods. Features of taste, good visible quality, and presentation are important needs for the discriminating consumer when a premium is paid.Customer service. Educated and informed department managers and specialists can provide preparation advice and in-store service for all clients. Value-added services can create a delighted consumer, satisfied with their purchase decision.Diversification of products and services to enhance the one-stop shopping concept, expanding and diversifying the products and services to include country- and region-specific specialty shops.Membership programs at Kudler will help expand current consumer base and enhance loyalty.SWOT AnalysisStrengthsKudler Fine Foods is a leader in the fine foods industryCan manage all activities in-houseQuality of productsBest gourmet product for the best priceVariety of top European productsOptimum locations to serve high and mid-economic rangeWeaknessesHires employees with high salariesMany responsibilities for a small number of management team. After launching the new product in Germany, the company will need more employees to train and manage the overseas locationLimitation on geographical expansionGermany location - inventory and delivery management issues of special products from the United StatesOpportunitiesPossible growth in Germany and CaliforniaUse of Internet and other print mediaHigher currency exchange rate will bring high returnsKudler's European brand expansion will have a positive influence on the company's stock performanceThreatsIt is possible that smaller gourmet stores may target same geographical areas and threaten...

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