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Marketing Research is imperative to Disney Pixar's success. Marketing research is the process in which managers perform to gather information effectively to introduce their products and services to their target market. Although the amount of time required for this research depends on the size of the target market and the company's line of business, there is a defined process used to implement the company's products or services. This process includes 1) assessing information needs, 2) developing needed information through internal databases, 3) implementation of marketing research, 4) organization of ideas, and 5) distributing and using information. Therefore, marketing research is important to developing a marketing strategy because it assesses what steps a company needs to take to reach their target market. Therefore, marketing research is important to developing a marketing strategy because it assesses what steps a company needs to take to reach their target market. The Internet has helped with collecting marketing data through online focus groups, Internet surveys, and experiments. The marketing research process also involves collecting and secondary data.Secondary data involves re-checking internal and external secretarial and marketing procedures, such as sales invoices, warranty cards, and published material. Therefore, an efficient means for data collection will assist this process. As defined within Marketing Research, "scaling is the process of creating a continuum on which objects are located according to the amount of the measured characteristic they possess," (2007). Therefore, this paper will review how Disney Pixar employs secondary market research, and effective scaling processes for their organization.Secondary Market ResearchPixar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Disney, has changed the way animated movies are made. Pixar has played a revolutionary role in changing the public's view on how movies are made by introducing computer-based graphics compared to a cartoon-animated movie. Pixar leads the computer animation industry by going above and beyond the generally accepted technological methods. Pixar established a research group in 2004 with a mission to develop technology that is currently too speculative for a production to commit. Pixar fosters innovation with the company. They provide consulting on algorithmic and mathematical issues. Pixar also participated in the external; research community by publishing papers, engaging in professional activities, and staying abreast of recent results and current trends (Pixar research group).Pixar is consistently enhancing the product or service they provide to the customers. The advancements are very technological and by glance not associated to direct consumers, but more though, steps and improvements to help create faster, cleaner, and realistic movies. These improvements directly introduce consumers to the enhancements. In May 2009, Pixar released an article "Determining the benefits of...

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