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Marketing Review Of Baby Gap Ads In Real Simple Magazine

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Marketing Executive Point of View:The information available in this report is only valuable if you perform the research on a consistent on going basis, because by looking at only one issue and evaluating performance of the ads based on averages of other ads in the past is just stupid. As long as the measurement scale remains the same it is possible to get valuable information by comparing the scores one's ads had in previous issues to the scores for this particular issue. Another problem with these "survey" results is that the sample size is small. Only 276 people participated in the survey and these people were asked to look at and evaluate 40 ads in a short period of time. Depending on the page number one's ad is on, can affect the ratings. The earlier on in the publication, the more likely the participant in the survey is answering openly and honestly, after about 10 ads people easily lose their focus and "rush" just to get through it. Another problem with the people surveyed is that no other information about these people was given. There is no indication on income levels or education or ethnicity or locality. Many things can bias this information and the lack of these facts makes the report of little use to me as an advertiser. Without knowing the demographics of the population surveyed, an advertiser can not know who their customer truly is. The data gathered here, while thorough and pleasing to the eye is just at the very top surface level of marketing. I'd be interested to know if this research is a longitudinal study where they use the same people issue after issue, or if it is just a random sample survey.Advertisers Point of View:Methodology: To gain information on the effectiveness of a particular ad(Baby Gap) in a particular publication(Real Simple), in comparison with all ads in the magazine as well as in comparison with the competition.Data: With a "Noted"(Noted meaning that issue readers remembered having previously seen the advertisement in the study issue) index of 155 Baby Gap was the 3rd most noted ad out of the 40 ads in the publication, and was not "beaten" by any of its competitors. It also took 3rd place in "Associated"(Associated meaning the reader not only noted the ad, but also saw or read some part of it that clearly indicated the brand.54% of the people whom noted the ad, took some further course of action involving that company.Analysis/Observations: Since 276 people took the survey and 79% of them "Noted" Baby Gap and 54% of them took some course of action towards Baby Gap, 117.7 people out of 276 pursued Baby Gap beyond just looking at the ad. That can be easily wrongly construed to mean that 42.66% of all Real Simple readers take action toward Baby Gap after seeing this ad. That looks like a pretty good selling point if I'm the publisher, and as an advertiser I am hearing exactly what I want to. My ads are working.Recommendation is to take the information in here with a grain of salt. The sample size is very small...

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