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Advertising strategies of Pepsi-ColaPepsi-Cola, produced in 1898, has had relatively successful history with the American society. According to an article titled "Coca-Cola," "Coke lost market share to competitor Pepsi-Cola, produced by PepsiCo, which for the first time topped Coca-Cola in sales" (par. 3). In 1954 an array of advertisements came about beginning with the slogan "The Light Refreshment" which later on incorporated "Refreshing Without Filling". After viewing an array of advertisements from this time period, it is clear that these slogans intended to appeal to upper class, wealthy individuals and women who were concerned with their weight. According to a web article entitled "The Evolution of Pepsi: From Sophistication to Sexiness," "At Pepsi's beginning, the marketers targeted the American woman's concern of enhancing her sophisticated and feminine appeal, reflecting America's idealized notion of beauty" (Reimer, Humble, Seldin). However, in 1984 Pepsi launched their new advertisement tactic "Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation" which greatly incorporated the use of sex appeal. Pepsi's main reasoning for this seems to have been that they believed that the society was transforming into a more sex driven place, therefore, incorporating sex would increase product sales. Pepsi's advertising has been geared toward the idea of wealth, weight loss, and the use of sex appeal in order successfully gross large sales for their product, however, they have done so by deceivingly making faulty promises that their product cannot keep.A specific advertisement with the "Light Refreshment" slogan from the year 1960 displays a male and female who appears to be very classy and wealthy. The male is sitting in front of the piano and the female is lustfully pointing her finger towards the male while holding a glass of Pepsi in her hand. One noticeable symbol in the advertisement is the figure of the female. In the advertisement, the young woman has on a black belt that is tightly wrapped around her waist showing off her flat stomach and extremely small figure. Based off the title of the advertisement, in particularly, the word "light", Pepsi marketers are trying to persuade its female audience that Pepsi-Cola is lighter in calories in comparison to it opponents. Reason being that in the mid-1950's, women began to become more concerned with their image and the way they looked on the outside due to the baby boom which caused weight gain in the 1950's. Their goal is to persuade women that they can obtain a figure like that of the woman in the advertisement by drinking their "light" soda.According to Reimer, Humble, and Seldin, the shape of a Pepsi bottle "Very much resembles a wine bottle...the wine-like structure to the bottle enforces the wealthier adult consumers to purchase such a sophisticated looking product" (Evolution of Pepsi par.2). This statement greatly relates to the advertisement of the couple because immediately after looking at them, it is...

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