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Coca-Cola is one of the best known names in the world. The positive attitudes and beliefs keep millions of consumers buying the product over and have helped the company establish loyal consumers. Coca-Cola has built a successful worldwide brand name to millions of people. Coca-Cola built brand loyalty when consumers create a positive attitude based on believes about the product and making the product associated with a positive memory.Coca-Cola has been around for years and many loyal consumers have associated the brand with positive past memories. Loyal brand consumers may associate it with holidays, parties, graduation, playing a sport with friends, first date, seeing a movie, etc. When Coke decided to change its product they did not realize that millions of loyal consumers have associated the taste with a positive fond memory...something that they do not want to let go.Less loyal consumers have not associated Coca-Cola with a fond memory so these consumers should not be as upset and should be able to adjust to a different kind of Cola. The less loyal consumers are still brand loyal to the company, and should be able to adjust to a different kind of Coke, but they did not associate a type of fond memory to it so it will not feel like part of their memories is gone.I do believe it's possible for consumers to be loyal to more then one brand of soft drink. For example, I am a loyal Pepsi drinker. But I also drink birch Beer Soda. Every time I go to a fair I usually purchase a birch soda. Before my mother past away, she would take me to the local Bloomsburg Fair every. We would usually purchase a birch soda and talk around the fair together. I associated this positive fond memory of my mother and me at the fair with birch soda. If I am not at a fair, I usually only drink Pepsi. So, I am loyal to more then one brand of soft drink.I think it is possible for consumers to be brand loyal to more then one brand of cola. If we compare the two brands Pepsi and Coke. It is possible for consumers to associate Pepsi with going to a sports game, and drinking Coca-Cola at a picnic.Coca-Cola has used their brand equity to create new products such as Diet Coke, Caffeine Free, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, etc. The reality is that Coke years and years building its brand equity. I think they should use its brand equity to new products, but I think they should set a limit on how many products share the brand name Coke. We do not want loyal consumers to loose its fond memory of the past because of all of the...

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1372 words - 5 pages , where they are just a little above competitors however not causing a decrease in market share. CCA's price point pricing strategy establishes a set of key prices for particular groups of products, selling all cans at the same price despite Coca-Cola is more popular. Promotional activities is the best way to create communication between the company and the consumer, which is why CCA carefully plans out its' promoting strategies. The use of below

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2052 words - 8 pages Friday 19 May 2006Research marketing application for the industry of Coca-ColaCoca Cola was unquestionably the most famous fizzy dink in the market early 1886. It is the resplendent symbol of commercial industry. Once the Coca Cola managers understand its internal and external position in global market, it will motivate managers having an idea of what the customers need. Because of this, they can easily develop a marketing strategy. However

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1783 words - 8 pages possible causes of health damage; third, to use lawyers to defend against litigation and block setting of bans, taxes and other form of government intervention which will hurt its sales; fourth, to bribe people to speak well of the industry; and fifth, to gain good public image through philanthropy (Albritton, 2009). In this paper I investigate whether The Coca-Cola Company is utilizing the same five step marketing strategy to achieve its success

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