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Marketing - The 4P'sInfrastructureMost of your marketing experiences have been as a buyer. Think about how many items you purchased in retail stores during your lifetime. What is your first recollection of a purchase? Probably grabbing something at the grocery store while your mother attempted to keep you under control. How does it happen that a buyer can go to the grocery store and find items to buy at an acceptable price? Who made what decisions to places orange juice just where you need it, at the time you need it, at the price you can afford, and tell you about it?How do marketing systems in a nation come to be? People have a need for a product and have been informed about the product through the firm's promotion of that product. The customer requires that the product or service be in some geographic place and available within some narrowly defined time period. Of course this must all take place at a price the buyer is willing to pay. These requirements to meet a buyer's needs are often referred to as the "4 P's" of marketing:· Product· Place· Price· Promotion.How the 4 P's are implemented in a nation depends in large part on how society sets up its infrastructure. Infrastructure is the physical support structure that moves things from place to place in a society. The "things" being moved about could be people, products, voice, video, water, electricity, data, letters, parcels, raw materials, etc.. Because of the enormous scale (size) of building infrastructure within a nation, the government generally undertakes the project or provides legal and financial support to private enterprises to encourage firms to take on the needed projects. Examples of such projects would be roads, canals, dams, railroads, post offices, airports, and telecommunication systems.Sometimes governments actually operate enterprises tied closely to infrastructure projects. Examples would be electrical generating plants (hydraulic, fossil fuel, and nuclear), phone systems, toll roads, waste management systems, and mail delivery.If a country's population is widely scattered and roads are poor, catalog sales may be the method by which the population fills most of their needs for non-perishable goods. If the government subsidizes (covers part of the cost) of the mail system, even more catalog sales will occur. As households in a society become more concentrated, government revenues increase for that area allowing roads to be built. Infrastructure is not consistently distributed throughout any one political or geographic area. It is known that efficiencies in manufacturing and distribution are gained as infrastructure improvements are made. The efficiencies lower the cost of goods to consumers and increase profits to businesses creating additional wealth within the society.The Internet is a new infrastructure system that is changing all aspects of marketing. The Internet system was initially a government sponsored infrastructure project utilizing...

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2239 words - 9 pages . Retrieved September 9, 2008, from Tools (1994). The Marketing Mix and 4Ps. Retrieved September 8, 2008, from (2008). The Marketing Mix (The 4 P's of Marketing). Retrieved September 9, 2008, from, W. D., Jr., & McCarthy, E. J. (2005). Basic Marketing (15th ed.). New

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1294 words - 5 pages According to Armstrong and Kotler (2005) "marketing research is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing an organization" (p. 113). Several variables can be used to help aid in making the right marketing decision. This paper will discuss the four elements of the marketing mix (4 P's) as well as describe how each of the four P's influenced the development of the marketing

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