Advertising, This Gives You A Guide On What You Can Say About Ads

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Year 9 Commerce in Society Advertising Assignment 2004Task AThe Pancake Parlour ad 9/8/04 Herald Sun1. a) This ad makes me feel that this special is going to end soon because it is so cheap and there won't be any more specials (even though it's not true). So I need to go to Pancake Parlour and eat there as soon as possible if the special is ending soon. From past experiences at Pancake Parlour this ad makes me want to go there more.b) The target audience would be kid, teenagers and adults. I think this is the target audience because anybody who enjoys Pancake Parlour will go there; another reason for this target age is because adults and some teenagers pay for the meals.The lounge ad 9/8/04 Herald Suna) When I first saw this ad I thought it was pretty boring because it had no colour, it also seemed pretty good because in the picture it had a lounge that was on sale. I think the lounge picture didn't look so good because there was no colour and I think I would have noticed it easier if it had colour.b) The target audience I think would be adults, kids and teenagers because the adults will be the ones who buy the lounge and the kids and teenagers might help the parents decide which lounge to get. Older teenagers or young adults might want to buy some lounges because they might be moving out of their parent's house.Ski Mt Buller 10/8/04 Herald Suna) This ad looked very appealing to me when I first saw it because I haven't been to the snow in a while and the last time I did go I had a great time. The picture is small and has no colour but you can still see what is going on....

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