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Advertising Victims Essay

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Americans are some of the most gullible people this world has to offer. An American can be talked into anything. This is why commercial advertising is such a good business to be in. Advertise a product on television, no matter how trivial the product may be, and there will always be a handful of idiots who go running for their checkbook. Not to say that's a bad thing, for no household would be complete without three abdominal exercise machines and a Miracle Mop. But for the sake of the idiots, this situation needs to be brought out intothe light. If there's a sucker born every minute, then one of these suckers hands his money over to an unworthy cause every forty-five seconds. I see a little of sucker in everyone I meet, almost without exception, and I just so happen to know a few very well. They are my friendJoe, my very own mother, and my girlfriend. They are three people whom I love verydearly, and it's for that reason that their stories must be told to expose the dangers of commercial advertising.Ask my friend Joe how many exercise machines is too many and he'd ask you what you meant. He just doesn't understand that there is no need for him to buy the new AbRoller, since he already has the Ab Works and Ab Flex. I wish I could say that the madness stops at abs. Even though he's got plenty of free-weights and a nice, sturdy bench complete with butterfly curls and leg extensions, he was sold the first time he saw a Soloflex commercial. What's worse is he sold it six months later to buy Nordicflex, taking the three hundred dollar loss in stride. When confronted about this by someone of greater objectivity and reason, such as myself, he explained that Soloflex lacks something that Nordicflex doesn't: cable crossovers. But in order for one to understand why I don't understand why Joe insists on spending all of his money on as-seen-on-TV exercise products, one mustunderstand something: the boy hasn't gained an ounce of muscle since he bought his first dumbbell. I'm also waiting to see those Greek-godlike abdominals that all three of his ab...

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