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The word advertisement is defined by something that is shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement according the Merriam Webster dictionary. The purpose of advertising is to attract the viewers attention to the ad, capture their interest to an object, a brand or an idea, stimulate their desire and convince them to take an action oriented to purchase the advertised product. It is obvious, however, that this definition does not completely describe the significance of what the advertising phenomenon really is, or at least not as you may think, because advertising is not only a communication tool that serves to encourage the audience to purchase products ...view middle of the document...

Women are exposed to sophisticated advertisements that serve to convince the populace that product = thin = good. As weight and the feminine ideal diverge, mental dissonance regarding food has increased. (Griffin and Berry 46)
In the U.S. there is an estimated 5-10 million women who are suffering with a eating disorder. It is said that the main cause of their illness is trying to be nothing else but “perfect” (Babicz-Zielińska 134). It is concerning because our society is being exposed to unrealistic standards.
In the second image we see that a women appears in a watch advertisement for men. In this case, women usually appear dressed in a provocative manner which goal is only to sale the object to their intended public by her physical appearance. They do not stand out due to their values or skills, on contrary, she becomes and object of passivity, luxury, and of desire. Jean Kilbourne states that women’s bodies are turned into “things” and “objects” which leads women to low self-esteem but most importantly open a door to violence against women. We see this common ad technique being used in another advertisement for Axe. In this ad a guy is showed taking a shower with the product on one side and in the other the girl doing the same action he is doing but in a sexual way promising that he will be sexually satisfied by a women like in the advertising picture. This advertisement throws the women as a sexual object that will satisfy the men’s sexual need when he purchases the product. She is treated just like part product that is “sold” (Chacon Gordillo 407).
The consequences the way women are portrayed in the media have created a tremendous impact socially, economically, and at a personal level. This issue affects all of our society because it produces a stereotype/norm for what it means to be a woman. It teaches our young generation that woman are sexual objects and inferior to man. Young girls develop a mindset that tells them that they need to be pretty in order to be successful which leads them to frustrated lifestyles seeking physical perfection to be accepted. As product of what the advertising world says men begin to see women as being inferior, and as a trophy, and they struggle to accept that this “trophy” can be better than him. Economically,...

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