Adverts A Threat To Our Little Ones

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Anne Frank quotes "Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” Every parent wants their child to grow up to be successful, have good habits, and maintain good values. Parents spend most of their time protecting their kids from any wrong or misfortune that can come to them, they monitor every act of their kids such as ensure time is spent on education, invigilate their friend circle and so on. But little do they know that there are some parts of their children's actions that are unmonitored such as watching advertisements, which may ruin their efforts completely. The journal of the American Medical ...view middle of the document...

The children who have been trained all their life to behave and respect others, forget their manners and their parent's efforts become a waste because of the meaningless commercial they watch. These commercials show products in a fancy manner and convince kids to buy them, but the only obstacle that comes in the child's way to buy the product is the lack of money. This leads to the continuous pestering of their parents for their financial aid to help them get what they want. According to Bridges from the Kent State University and Briesch from the Southern Methodist University(2006, p.162) who have written the International Journal of Advertising state in their article that the "nag factor" in kids leads to one in three visits to fast food restaurants. The "nag factor" is described as the method used by children to persistently request their parents to buy a certain product they desire (Bridges and Briesch, 2006, p.162). Considering these studies it is clear that kids are highly influenced by the commercials they see and change their behavior and resolve to inappropriate ways such as nagging, pestering, creating a scene or a fuss. Thus advertisements have an negative and harmful impact on kids and should be regulated.
Children have a tendency to eat food that is full of fat. But when these unhealthy food is advertised and they see it visually, the temptation increases and leads to continuous pestering and nagging of kids to buy these food items tending to the rise of fast food consumption. Advertisements related to food results in unhealthy eating habits in kids and may cause obesity. Even though many governments have tried to regulate the food related advertisements directed to kids. It is not enough as most food chains find loopholes in the law and take advantage of it to target kids such as create online games, videos or cartoons (BBC news, 2007, para.4 & 5). These advertisements have a direct impact on a child's eating habit and must be stopped. According to Boyland and Halford from the Department of Experimental Psychology, in the University of Liverpool (2013, para.12) six out of ten most frequently advertised food items are unhealthy such as fast food, low fiber breakfast cereals or chocolates. These show us how these advertisements can have an impact on the dietary pattern. Looking at these advertisements children eat junk food and have a very high chance to become obese. These changes in eating habits are harmful to kids and thus these advertisements should be banned and regulated to protect children from indulging in these harmful diets.
One of the greatest fears of a parent is to see their children engage in harmful activities such as smoking and drinking. But these days cigarettes and alcohol is openly publicized in television, magazine and in newspapers which eventually leads to children in their adolescents to give in to these activities. They see it as a style statement as the advertisers publicize it to be cool but little do...

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