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Advertisements And Its Effect On The Teen Self Image

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In the United States, the average teenager is exposed to over 40,000 ads in a year on television, and roughly all of them target the teen image negatively. A quarter of a trillion dollars is spent on advertising yearly. The tobacco industry, arguably the most potent cynical influence spends about 30 million dollars on advertising in just one day and their commercials directly target and impact teenagers at their genesis, the age of 13.(Dolan 1) 3000 teens try their first cigarette a day and thats 1,095000 teenagers a year(. There is nothing beneficial about cigarettes and there are new young users everyday.At the age of 13, the human body revamps itself and inagurates the development of the adult body, Cigarettes will ruin this procedure and be the demise of your maturation and cause your body to then be dysfunctional.
Cigarette companies like Newport often depict teenagers and young adults in an enticing way. Newport ads display young people being as exuberant as possible and care-free without showing the real hazards of smoking; a small warning box is at the base of the ads which is not noticeable unless you are looking for it and is not intimidating in any way. Even after seeing the warning box, the viewer is still attracted and interested and curious some may even anticipate cigarettes will develop a better life possibly hoping they can be merry just like that guy in that newport advertisement who has probably never smoked a cigarette. Teenagers are oblivious to the increased risk of lung cancer,heart disease and emphysema, yellow teeth skin, and nails, bad breath,constant presence of phlegm,smell on almost everything.Irritating cough.fatigue without doing much physical activity, Migraines. Weak immune(system.increased heart rate, excessive sweating.Nausea from smoking too much. copper/ metallic but ashy tang in the users mouth(Martin). Marie Evans died at the age of fifty-four, from lung cancer she was A avid smoker of newports. A jury concluded that the Lorillard Tobacco Company, the designer and manufacturer of Newport brand cigarettes,killed marie based on many different reasons.Lack of a warning of consisting cigarettes' health hazards and addictive nicotine in the system of a nine year old which can not intake nicotine the 9 year old body is too fragile, advertising and dissemination of Newport cigarettes; distributing free samples of Newport cigarettes to minors not even teenagers; and this led marie evans to smoke from the age of 9 all throughout her life.Newport advertising their cigarettes at such a young age hooked marie and crippled her insides before she even started developing into a woman hence why she developed lung cancer. Advertising is a terrible influence on the teen image.(coup)

Teenagers commence puberty woman start growing and stop before men there maturation process ends during the end of their teenage years opposed to men which end at the age of 21.The teenage female. Is exposed to these inaccurate images that...

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