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Advise Leon, Neil And Olivier As To Their Remedies, If Any, In These Cirsumstanes. Employment Law

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The law governing the issues identified is found in common law and statute, with guidancealso given by relevant codes of practice. The main statute is the Employment Rights Act1996. Although statue has largely superseded common law, where there has not been adecided case on similar facts under the statute, the court or tribunal will look to earliercommon law cases. Non-statutory materials such as Codes of Practice and handbooks issuedby competent authorities such as the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)although not strictly relating to an action of wrongful dismissal may also be considered asthey offer best practice guidelines for employers. I will be discussing whether Leon, Neil andOliver can claim unfair dismissal.Where an unfair dismissal claim is successful, the key remedies are either reinstatement to theformer employment or financial compensation. The circumstances of the particular case aretaken into account in determining the most appropriate remedy. For example, if relationsbetween the parties have deteriorated beyond repair, financial compensation would mostlikely be awarded.There are a number of commonly accepted duties that both employer and employee mustadhere to. These include a duty to obey reasonable instructions Ottoman Bank Ltd vChakarian (1930) Pepper v Webb (1969) Wilson v Racher (1974). A breach of any of theduties, either by the employee or the employer is seen as a breach of the contract. Today,'reasonable notice' would be the same as that required by statue except in exceptionalcircumstances. It is evident that Leon has breached his duty not to follow the notice writtenhowever it wouldn't regard this incident as exceptional grounds to dismiss upon. Furthermoreit is also evident that Neil was unfairly dismissed however he was in breach of contract forclaiming overtime he was not entitled.A 'fundamental' breach of terms by either party at common law or statute, may release theparties to the contract, and may justify a summary dismissal (instant dismissal). If the breachby the employee is not fundamental it may give rise to a wrongful dismissal action against theemployer. An employee can only claim for wrongful dismissal if the employer's terminationof the contract was in breach. There is no wrongful dismissal if the employer terminated inthe face of a fundamental breach by the employee (Pitt, (a) 1998: p260). Thus, a wrongfuldismissal must fulfil two conditions: first, that the employer terminated the contract withoutnotice or with inadequate notice, and secondly, that the employer was not justified in doing so (Pitt, (b) 2004: p200). For example without carrying out the disciplinary proceduresincorporated into the contract Gunton v London Borough of Richmond (1981).At common law, a fundamental breach may be considered such if it is one the parties regardas vital (Honeyball, 2004: p68) (The Mihalis Angelos (1971)), or that by the actions of theparty concerned, shows that they no longer intend to adhere...

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