Advocacy Focused Interview In Clinical Setting

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ST is a 20 year Black female who came in Cayon Health center in St. Kitts for her initial pre-natal check-up. Her background disclosed that her pregnancy was accidental and she was gravida 1, para 0, at fourteen weeks of gestation. Social history indicated she was currently unemployed and was living in a mobile home with her 27-year-old boyfriend whom she had met 9 months ago. Both the patient and her partner were considering giving the baby up for adoption due to financial strain and “other” reasons.During the physical exam, the physician notices several bruises at different stages of healing. When he questions ST about the bruises, she brushes it off with a nervous laugh and says that she has become increasingly clumsy during her pregnancy.We’ve begun asking our patients about abuse at our facility: Within the past year, or since you have been pregnant, have you been hit, slapped, kicked or otherwise physically hurt by your current partner or someone else?” ST ...view middle of the document...

The patient tells the doctor that she is concerned about her situation, but she feels helpless and without recourse. The obstetrician tells her that there is help available and that he will provide her with information regarding her options. First, however, he tells her that he must assess her safety to determine the next step. He asks her if the violence has escalated and if her boyfriend has access to firearms or other weapons. The patient replies that the last time her boyfriend hit her was a couple of weeks ago when he smacked her across the face. She also told the obstetrician that her boyfriend had a gun, but that he had never threatened her with it.The physician told ST that he was worried about her safety as well as that of her unborn baby should she continue to remain in her relationship. He stated that although the choice was ultimately up to her, he recommended that she move out of the mobile home as soon as possible. He also asked her if she felt safe to go home today, to which she replied that although she never knew exactly when her boyfriend would be compelled to hit her, she thought she would be alright today.The obstetrician asked the attending nurse to contact a local shelter for abused women. The case manager explained to ST that the Women’s Shelter provided a safe, confidential refuge for battered women and their children. ST told the case manager that she was thankful for her offer of help, but she wanted to give her boyfriend a chance to redeem himself as he had promised.When ST came back for her next prenatal check-up, she looked well-rested and calmer than she had during her previous visit. ST said she was grateful to him and his staff for putting her in touch with the shelter. She informed her obstetrician that, with the case manager’s help, she had been able to secure a restraining order against her boyfriend. She also stated that she was undergoing counseling and had joined a support group for battered women at the shelter. ST stated that she no longer felt alone and for the first time in many years, she reported feeling as if she had options and a chance at a better future.BibliographyLoue, S., L.S. Lloyd, D. J. O’shea. 2003. Community health advocacy. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers.

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