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Advocating A Second Creation Essay

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When we hear the words human cloning we think of books and movies like Jurassic Park, which show us the darker side of cloning, and all of the possible complications, but they never seem to fully encompass the need we have for cloning, as humans beings. Since its beginnings cloning has raised many a debate, on its scientific viability and the morality behind the idea of manufacturing exact genetic copies of ourselves. Those who speak from a moral standpoint fall on the side against human cloning, those who disagree with the idea however fail to acknowledge the numerous benefits that cloning offer us as human beings. Larry Reibstein and Gregory Beals tell us that pharmecutical companies created organs that could be transplanted into human bodies from animals (58). At the time, a discovery of this caliber was phenomenal and offered us great hope for the future. Researchers of cloning hope to offer hope to those suffering from otherwise incurable ailments. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to clone is for the possible treatment of leukemias and cancers. It is possible with enough research of cloning and genetic materials we could stop the growth of malignant and abnormal cells. To this day scientists have cloned a number of animals, such as Rhesus monkeys, mice, sheep, dogs, animals of endangered species, and even, though it only lived for a short amount of time, the extinct Pyrenean Ibex. In the future there is the possibility of achieving the dream the cloning of human beings, but only if we are prepared to fund the necessary research to make the dream a reality.

Dolly, the first mammal to be cloned via an adult somatic cell using the process of nuclear transfer, was among the many failures as "the British transferred 277 adult nuclei into enucleated sheep eggs and implanted twenty-nine clonal embryos, but they achieved the birth of only one live lamb clone" (Pence, 18). The success of the British and Dolly's creation became on of the most significant breakthroughs in science and medicine. With Dolly's birth, medicine took a huge step forward, in areas of fertility and cancer treatments, and the possibility of human cloning was brought out of the science fiction novels and placed into the reality of scientific research.

The general concensus around the modern world is that cloning is something to ban. Many countries are against the practice and have fought against proponnents of the practice for many years. Currently human cloning is severely limited to what can be done. Theraputic cloning does not seem to carry the same stigma that reproductive cloning does. More people agree with stem cell research versus "designer babies". Many areas are indubitably against reproductive cloning, stating that it's too risky and similar to playing "God" to create a human life. However, abortion is legal in many parts of the world. If there is the right to abort life, then there should be an allowance to create it (Nussbaum & Sunstein, 211).


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