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Aeneas, Achilles, And Hector Essay

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Aeneas is a Trojan leader, born of mortal Anchises and the goddess of beauty and love, Venus. Because of his parents, Aeneas is benefitted by surviving the Trojan War and beginning the rule of the Roman Empire. From the start of the Aeneid, it is clear that Aeneas is a confident man with determination and pride. He is a leader of men and, to many, is seen as a hero for several reasons. Throughout the book, there are various scenes that show different sides of Aeneas, however. Therefore, it is difficult to say what kind of a hero he is overall.
Aeneas being the son of a goddess makes him a perfect candidate for being a leader and hero. Gods and goddesses are known to make alterations to ...view middle of the document...

He is not completely pious, but he is not completely impious. This only shows he is a human with mortal feelings and failures, but should not be a judge of his character overall. He is a hero in the fact that he did not give up on his fate, but rather accepted it to his greatest ability.
The way that fate plays a role in Aeneas’ story is similar to the characters of Achilles and Hector in the Iliad. It is obvious that the stories of the Aeneid and the Iliad have several similarities in characters and in the storyline, alone. Many aspects of Achilles’ and Aeneas’ characters show how alike the two are.
Both Achilles and Aeneas have known fates in the stories in which they are the main characters. This affects how both take action in their lives. They are both born of a mortal and a goddess, which gives them characteristics that distinguish them from everyone else. They both have anger that affects their actions. Because of each one having someone close to them killed, for Achilles it was...

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