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Aeolia Essay

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It has been a month since any of the crew have seen land. One month lost on the great ocean on a voyage that was meant only to take a fortnight. Our humble boat only carries grapes to trade with close islands, but the gods must not look down upon us with favor. I think I know why. Secretly, some of the men on board have been stealing the grapes from cargo to fill themselves. I know this because I have done so as well. Zeus has kept our skies gloomy. I have nearly forgotten the shine of the heavenly lights on my face, for neither sun nor stars may penetrate the dense clouds that have cast their shadow upon our ship since the day we set off from Athens. The food is nearly gone, for the grapes are our last hope. We fear for our lives.Now, we trust only in the power and mercy of Aeolus, the god of the winds, to guide our ship safely to its destination, for without the light of the celestial bodies to show our way, we are hopelessly lost. All twenty men on board pray to the gods. We throw offerings of what little food and the grapes we have left to the god of the sea, that he may be kindhearted to use the winds on the ocean to push our ship to land, any land. We have become so desperate over these last few days. Please Zeus, hear our call!The days and nights are no longer distinguishable from each other. The crew grows restless. The captain of this ship ordered us to give tribute to Aeolus through prayer. We always have a man on lookout for land in the distance or safe landing place. Right now, that man is me.The water stretches on forever, a gray ocean under a gray sky. Yet, it is strangely calm. Waves keep their peace in the depths of the waters, and only a small breeze pushes our humble ship a long. I stare for hours over the dark plain, although nothing ever changes. The empty horizon stays empty. My eyes hurt and I am tired, but I must look on. Why have the gods forsaken us?My tired eyes play games with me. It must be a mirage. No. It's real. Land. It's only a small blemish on the horizon but it is gives me hope for my life. But the ship moves from it fast. We must hurry if we are to land there."Cap'n! Cap'n! We've spotted land Cap'n! There's land!" My voice is full of excitement."Are you sure?""Yessir! Just off to the east. We must hurry if we are to pull'er to the shore.""Yes. Quickly. All right men. All hands on board. Quickly. Man those sails."The wind pushes us away from the island, against our path, but somehow the distance between the island and our ship lessens. We steer the ship in zig-zags so we are not blown off course. There is excitement on board and praise goes up to the gods for sparing our lives.Nothing could describe the amazing sight that was the island. As we sailed our ship closer with difficulty, there was a startling view of towering, sharp, bronze-green rocks, a cliff jutting out of the clear blue water. Directly above the island the clouds stopped in a straight line across the sky. Where the clouds stopped, there was the...

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