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Aer Lingus: Buying Behaviour And Target Marketing, The Extended Service Marketing Mix. Creating A Competitive Advantage Market Research

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Buying behaviour and target marketingHow has Aer Lingus attempted to put its customers at the forefront of its business development? To what an extent has the airline built up an understanding of its customer's perceptions and expectations?Aer Lingus have attempted to understand the needs and wants of their target customers (premium business class) in the full service segment market. They have utilised a single segment strategy to create a "marketing mix" to address these needs and wants. The organisation has extensively researched and analysed this market segment through "Programme for a Better Airline". The extent to which the airline as built up an understanding is reflected in the impressive results and business growth that the organisation has experienced. It seems as though they have "hit the target" with their market analysis and marketing mix.They have successfully positioned the organisation in the mind of their target customers through both their brand values and their traditional Irishness. The careful market analysis has revealed the organisation's strengths and elements that differentiate them from competitors (quality service and brand values).The extended service marketing mixIn what way is the role of personnel central to the airline's operations and marketing strategy?Aer Lingus is seeking to differentiate itself through exceptional customer relationships. They have established three core values which in order to do this, professionalism, intuition and intimacy. The living out of these values ("walk the talk") and building and fostering of customer relationships is completely dependent on the airline personnel. They acquire "a single unwavering commitment to enhancing customer value." The whole marketing strategy is build around the one-on-one contact of the personnel with customers. The personnel must seek to create this exceptional experience for customers in everything they do every day. It is the way in which customers are treated by the personnel that will make Aer Lingus their preferred choice when choosing an airline - they would want to return for more of the same treatment.Why must the airline's marketing mix focus on more than the traditional 4P's?The 4P's used by the airline can be described as follows:Price: The target market of Aer Lingus is not very price sensitive. They are willing to pay for customer service.Place: The airline is ideally situated to transport its target market customers to and from Ireland.Promotion: through the One World alliance, Aer Lingus has received extensive introduction into the North American market.Product: The airline offers business and tourist class services to and from airline.The problem with just focussing on the 4P's as above is that there are numerous other airlines with the same marketing mix. It is an extremely competitive market. It is for this reason that it has been necessary for Aer Lingus to further differentiate the product for...

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