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Aerobic & Anaerobic Systems: Of An Olympic Figure Skater

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The energy system that is able to generate ATP without oxygen is called the anaerobic system. Anaerobic meaning without oxygen. This system is formed from the combination of ATP and lactic acid. The metabolic pathway of the anaerobic system is called anaerobic glycolysis. Glucose is broken down during the metabolic pathway glycolysis, with or without oxygen present. Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient that can be catabolized during glycolysis.
Uniquely, glycolysis is both anaerobic and aerobic. The end product pyruvate, from glycolysis, is anabolized to lactic acid when there is a need for energy without an adequate supply of oxygen available. This last step or reaction enables ...view middle of the document...

Spurts of intense activity can be done from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. In the muscles, accumulation of lactic acid can take up to 2 hours to diminish after intense activity.
The aerobic energy system, the longest and more complex of the three, may be the slowest at creating ATP, but it is an unlimited production. The resting metabolic needs of the body are made available by the aerobic system. It is also trusted on for longer, continuous exertion that can be done in minutes to hours.
The five different metabolic pathways depend upon the chemical structure of the broken down food molecules we ingest. ATP, carbon dioxide, and water are the end products found during aerobic metabolism.
Three of the 5 paths are distinctive to an energy nutrient. Glycolysis metabolizes carbohydrates, next the citric acid cycle, and then followed by the electron transport chain where deamination of proteins are metabolized.
Energy systems must work united to maintain ATP levels to prevent fatigue. Because of the unlimited production of ATP by the aerobic system, muscle cells rely heavily on it. Long durations of exercise can be met by the aerobic energy system if activity energy requirements are low.
The term aerobic means without air or oxygen. Stimulation of red blood cells to move oxygen throughout the body helps build endurance. The goal of aerobic exercise is to have the ability to work the body at full power for as long as possible. Working at 70% MHR for 30 minutes continuously should show improvement over time.
Athletes who have energy needs somewhere between those of a sprinter and a marathon runner rely on the three systems working together. Depending on the sport such as figure skating, the dependence upon each of the energy systems exists on an energy continuum, which varies in intensity along different points. In figure skating, we find the anaerobic system more relied on in working with the aerobic system for ATP production.

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