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Question 1
The continuity equation deals with the law of conservation of mass. The law of conservation of mass is illustrated by the continuity equation based on two aspects. Firstly, the air flow may either be steady or unsteady.
For the unsteady flow,
The second aspect of the equation deals with a steady flow and it’s illustrated as
Applying this is an aircraft’s engine an aircraft requires the correct amount of airflow in order to increase its thrust in flight. Since at cruise speed an engine thrust accounts for only 17 %, there is need for the aircraft to take in more air in order to increase the thrust. The continuity equation is therefore an important contribution to the airflow into and out of the engine. The pressure has thus to be balanced at the compressor in order to allow for increased intake at the intake. This would then be as stipulated by the continuity equation which illustrate that the mass flow rate of change at the intake minus the mass flow rate at the outlet will give the rate of change of mass storage. This storage mass is what influence the increased thrust.
There is also a very large contribution of the airflow intake to the pressure ratio of the plane. This means that since the engine’s effect to the pressure is negligible, it’s the air flow which affects the pressure ratio. For this reason, the amount of air being sucked in by the plane determines the pressure ration as well as the thrust. There is therefore a need for increased air intake in order to influence the rate of change of storage.
In order for the aircraft to experience more air intake, several parameters have to be altered. This is because the air intake into an aircraft is influenced by flow distortion, turbulence at the intake, the spillage drag, and the boundary-layer diverter among others. The intake should therefore be modified in order to allow for more pressure formation in order to increase the thrust. Mass flow into the engine face has to be more than the outflow in order to maintain a reasonable storage rate that may influence the pressure build. The intake design is therefore the most important part of the airplane. This is because there is more pressure recovery at the inlet and this is through the increased mass flow into the engine face. The intake cowl should therefore be shaped in a manner to allow for increased suction force and hence increase the mass flow.
Question 2
When a plane is moving in the air, there are various elements which are involved. These are pressure, temperature and volume in the engines, most of which are gas turbine engines. There is usually a propulsion system by the engines in order to generate a thrust. These three elements are related to each other under certain conditions. The conditions within which these elements are related can be analyzed by using several gas laws. One of these is Charles gas law which states that the volume of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature at...

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