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Aerospace Engineers Essay

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Someday in life everyone has to get a job either related to their career or to make their living. Most of the people who get job is related to one’s career. One of the booming career these days in engineering, and among them aerospace engineering is one of the highly paid career and really interesting to work in. In the career of aerospace engineering, engineers usually have to work really hard. In this field, one mostly work on building or designing aircrafts based on the requirement. To be a successful aerospace engineer one needs to gain a lot of education and should be able to work in any environment. They have a lot of responsibilities to take on them. When choosing a career in Aerospace engineering, one must consider the education, responsibilities, working condition, the job outlook, and benefits of the job.

To become a successful aerospace engineer, one needs a strong education. Aerospace engineer should have a lot of knowledge about aerospace and should know their basic subjects like math and science. In addition, with good education one should have at least a bachelor’s degree in this field (“Aerospace Engineers”). One who has a master’s degree or doctoral degree can be helpful to become a senior engineer or to advance in research position (Echaore-McDavid 213). Students in high school thinking about aerospace engineering should take algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, English and other college preparatory courses (Aerospace Engineers). Knowing lot of math and science is necessary in the field of aerospace engineering. Also, one should have good English skills like reading, writing and speaking. With good English skills one can communicate and share their ideas to other aerospace engineers. One would have gone to college to become an aerospace engineer. In engineering, bachelor’s degree program last for 4 years. In these years student are introduced to subject that are basic to engineering and subject that are specially related to aerospace engineers. These subjects include aerodynamics, structural analysis, fluid mechanics, flight vehicle design, flight mechanics etc. (Aerospace Engineers). Some universities allow students to enroll in five year program that earns bachelor’s degree and master’s degree at the end (“Aerospace Engineers”). When aerospace engineers done with education and get their job, one has lot of responsibilities.

When getting a job in aerospace engineering, one should know that he or she will have to take lot of responsibilities. Within aerospace engineering, there are different professional titles of engineers that have different duties to perform. Some of the types of engineers are design engineer, aerodynamics engineers, etc. The responsibilities of design engineer is to construct total design of the aircraft, including its shape, performance, propulsion, and guidance and control system (“Aerospace Engineer”). Design engineers use program called CAD (computer-aided design) to...

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