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Aerospace Engineer Essay

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Many careers jump into my head when I think of the job field engineering, but only one stood out the most, aerospace engineering. The reason I would prefer aerospace engineering as my future career would be because of its major integration of math, technology, and creativity. I’m interested in this career because it’s an engineering major in which I can feed my fascination for the electronic/technologic side of me while incorporating my astounding math capabilities.
Like any other career, an aerospace engineer has responsibilities; including that of designing, testing and synthesizing a product ("Aerospace Engineer Job…”). The testing aspect of this career really makes it appealing, ...view middle of the document...

As more technology is developed, the further we will be able to venture into space. The estimated growth of this career in the next 10 years, however, is only 5% ("Occupational Outlook Handbook."). Though as more technologic companies are made, this field should expand rapidly, especially as the fascination to explore our galaxy grows.
The are many advantages to being employed in this field, as well as some disadvantages. One impeccable advantage of becoming an aerospace engineer would be the pay range, which usually starts around $97,000 ("Salary & Benefits of…”). This starting pay range really met my expectations as an aerospace engineer because few careers start their pay around 100 grand a year. There are no real rewards or benefits to this field other than other than the normal insurance offered by employers and monetary gain; such as medical insurance, auto insurance, and dental insurance. However, the only disadvantage of this field would be if you sent out a product without fully testing it and claim its “safe” whenever it’s defective. On the other hand, most of the positions available in this field will be located in America; even if the military hires you, they don’t want you working in a dangerous third-world country developing the next breakthrough in aerospace engineering.
Job qualifications to be an aerospace engineer range from working on computers to working in small groups. Computer work is very labor intensive in this field because most of the work designing and calculating a project will be spent with tedious hours on the computer. Being able to work in small groups is equally important though, since most major projects in aerospace engineering are split up into groups of people to tackle the assignment ("Aerospace Engineer Job…”). An example of this would be if you’re assigned to work on the wings of the aircraft when you know you could be more beneficiary working on the thrusters of the vehicle. You must be able to present your skills to...

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