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Aerospace Manufacturing Industry and Why I Chose To Major in Business Management
Amy L. Young
California State University Fullerton
University 100
30 October 2017
This paper explores the reasons why I chose to major in Business and what field of business I may want to have a career in. I used databases to research the Aerospace Manufacturing field to see if that field of business is one that will thrive. These articles reinforce my ideas of this career and opened my eyes to new information about Aerospace. My mother is President/CEO of an Aerospace Manufacturing company, so this is reason why I researched this topic.
Aerospace Manufacturing Industry and Why I Chose To Major in Business Management
As a child I knew that my mother worked for my grandfather and it was in a huge building with tons of people who worked there. As I grew up, I started to understand what they actually do at work and it has come to amaze me. My grandfather passed down the chair of President/CEO to my mother, of an Aerospace Manufacturing company called Ejay Filtration. Out of all of the grandchildren, my grandfather always told my mother that I was the one who was going to own the company one day, and that is the reason why I am attending Cal State Fullerton Majoring in Business Administration. However, since I have never worked at an Aerospace Manufacturing company, but I plan to in the future, I chose to research this topic that is close to home.
Current Aerospace Industry
The Aerospace industry is one that has been on the rise due to technological advances and competition with other countries. Aerospace provides for the military and for recreational use of any object that is intended to fly. In the Targeted News Service article, “Sen. Inhofe votes to advance national defense authorization act”, says that because of the current threats against America, the Aerospace industry will continue to be an upcoming industry because of the need for military defenses and for the increased amount of satellites and rovers.
Upcoming Aerospace Advances
September of 2017, Senator Inhofe has voted for the NDAA to advance, beginning in 2018, which means that the national defense will be amped up with new funding that has had a shortcoming in the last eight years. America has come face to face with some of the most dangerous threats and Senator Inhofe thinks that “We are in a point of uncertainty that makes it irresponsible to expend billions of dollars downsizing our armed services…” Senator has made this release, because he has to, but to tell the world what is going on in the military funding and how it is going to improve. The Aerospace industry has a huge impact on our armed forces which provides stability for Aerospace Manufacturing companies.
Women of Aerospace
A Targeted News Service article, “NASA invites PCC engineering graduate back for work on space valve invention” creates the idea that women in STEM...

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