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Aesthetic Appeal And Effectiveness Of Billboard Advertising

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When I first started thinking about the hypothesis, I had the idea that billboards have become obtrusive and ineffective in the advertising market. After researching and asking other people what their opinions are, I have since come to the conclusion that billboards, if used correctly, can be just as effective as other methods of advertising. Speaking to people who work or have worked in the industry, has made me realize that there is an aesthetic appeal to billboard advertising that can’t be found elsewhere.
Having actually known people who have worked in the billboard and advertising industry, I felt this was an opportunity to utilize my resources and draw from their experience. My study consists of interview with two people who are or were in the industry. With my brother, of course, I was able to do a face-to-face interview. I am still waiting on an e-mail response from his friend and fellow artist. I also decided to get a layman’s opinion and ask several people who do travel and spend time in Metropolitan areas for their opinions on the subject. Billboards in metropolitan Albuquerque tend to be sparse and poorly done, in my opinion. I felt it was important to get the opinions from other sources.
I used e-mail as my main tool of communication and sent sample questions to different people air did try to customize the questions to the different people’s experiences. For example, the people I know who are in the industry, I asked them questions from a professional point of view; For others I tried to get their opinions as consumers. I do have some graphics that I will be putting into the final draft, and may send these out to my participants later, however, due to technical difficulties, I was not able to get this information out to them in a timely manner for this first rough draft.
From the surveys, I have received so far, the consensus is that billboards can be effective if properly placed. and not a distraction to drivers. My participants were very...

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