Cosmetic Catastrophe Essay

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Every morning I wake up and stumble to the bathroom to begin the morning ritual that prepares me for the day. This ritual is centered around the application of cosmetics to my face. The application process generally begins with the cleansing of the face using face wash followed by lotion. Then the real works begins as I pull back my hair and start applying foundation, eye liner, mascara, blush, etc. Recently I have come to the realization that my morning ritual may be detrimental to the environment. Considering the amount of waste I create with the used cotton balls, tissue paper, empty bottles, and discarded water, my wake-up makeup is rather wasteful. In addition, the process is repeated in order to remove it all in the evening. I also pollute the water with non-biodegradable products that leave poisonous chemicals in the water systems. These products must be shipped to Ulta, the store I buy from, in order for me to purchase them.
My whole morning routine is centered around one thing: the product. Cosmetic factories are known for their waste production as well as for their use of animals in product creation. Some cosmetics are made with plant material while other products are created from animal tissue. Most of the products on the market today contain parabens, chemical preservatives that have been linked to certain cancers, which are washed into the water systems. These products are harmful to the wildlife as well. Studies show that waste from human personal care products is increasing cancer rates in the wildlife. Another recent study found that 10 percent of the World's coral reefs are being killed by chemicals found in the sunscreen that washes off the swimmers. (Than)
The products themselves are only part of the pollution. The packaging for the products must be made as well. The bottles and cases are generally plastic. Plastic waste has become a serious environmental problem. Every year, in the United States alone, 25 billion pounds of plastic waste goes unaccounted for. Evidence of this can be seen in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, first noticed by Captain Charles Moore in 1997. Located off the coast of California, the “Garbage Patch” occur at the North Pacific gyer, where the ocean currents meet. This large mass of decaying debris, about twice the size of Texas, contains 10 million tons of plastic, an mount that doubles each decade. There are four other major gyers around the World and each of them are wallowing under the garbage build up. They serves as shining examples of Man's Eco-friendly attitude; a blemish on the surface of our beautiful planet. The microplastic particles created from the degrading trash is so great, it outweighs six to one the most abundant organism in the ocean, the surface zooplankton.(Doucette) The abundance of microplastic particles has begun to be injested by the marine life. These organisms are also inhaling toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, bisphenol-A, and styrene monomer, which are released...

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