Cosmetic Surgery: A Risky And Costly Procedure

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If one is considering cosmetic surgery I suggest reconsidering. Research shows cosmetic surgery can be a risky and costly procedure. Society is pressuring people to look more attractive. Media shows actors to be flawless and the public feels that one should be compared to these actors. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular is today’s culture. People are turning to cosmetic surgery for many reasons, some of them are not healthy.
Why do people go to such dangerous measures to look more attractive? People may be getting cosmetic surgery because the media makes a person feel unattractive. The media shows us these beauty queens that we feel like we have to live up to and compare ourselves to. As a society, it seems that we see the attractive people on TV or in movies and we think that we should be like them. Everyone likes them; maybe we will become more liked if we look like them. Right? TV advertises many products to make a person good-looking, from diet pills to the newest brand of facial cream. No matter what a person looks like, it will not change that person’s identity. Many people walk around in shame because of one’s looks, and TV shows record a person going through the surgery and gaining self-esteem. Everything turns out perfectly for these people on the TV shows. If it works for the people on TV, why wouldn’t it work for everyone else? “Critics say the show minimizes the risks of plastic surgeries while exaggerating what can be achieved . . . makeover shows also usually refrain from taping patients right after surgery.” (CQR, 4). This will show viewers that going through the surgery is not so bad, and these people are so happy after the procedure. It makes people think that it is like a fairy tale. People do not know what they are really getting themselves into because they do not realize the reality of it. One may be getting the procedure done because of their own personal dissatisfaction. Many people have tried all the dieting fads, and they all go to the gym every week but no one sees any results. Cosmetic surgery seems like a glamorous and magical solution. Maybe a person was born with a big nose or bus eyes. One may see cosmetic surgery as the answer for painful high school teasing burned into one’s memory. A person may think that she will achieve happiness by looking more attractive. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery may be a necessary solution for a certain person. If one was born with a birth defect and that person has not been able to live a normal daily life, this is a reasonable exception to get cosmetic surgery. A person may have been in a traumatic accident such as a car accident or a shooting and, for example, part of one’s face is gone. I would not object to getting a cosmetic surgery if this was the case. The person would feel like he is not normal because he does not look like everyone else. People may get cosmetic surgery for many reasons, some are acceptable and some are not.
One must understand many dangers...

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