Cosmetic Surgery: Beauty To Order Essay

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Cosmetic surgery should be deterred in the U.S. because it promotes the idea of placing beauty before brains, results in negative body image, and brings with it unnecessary financial burden.
Topic sentence: As the practice is becoming increasingly popular, mainstream acceptance has given birth to a society that values appearance over ability. Society today looks down upon individuals that don't fit in, whether in terms of body shape and weight, facial attractiveness, or even the natural ageing process that every human being will undergo one day. This eventually leads to the practice of discrimination in practically every field, be it at the workplace, educational institutions or even in the selection of a life-partner for that matter.
Topic sentence: There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that indicates that appearance has become a vital contributing factor of success in the job sector during recruitment, perceived achievement within a job and in decisions of raises. A study by researchers from Rice University and the University of Houston (as cited in Stanger, 2012) indicated that candidates with facial scars and blemishes faced lower odds of being remembered by their interviewers which lowered their ratings and evaluations. In terms of similar attitudes while on the job, a recent study by the University of Notre Dame (2013) revealed the ugly truth of how unattractive colleagues became victims of harsh treatment, bullying, and injustice in promotion decisions.
Topic sentence: Another area where such attitudes and prejudices are seen to be reflected is in educational institutions. Here, this mentality is transforming into two behavioral practices; bullying and partiality, the former perhaps being more detrimental than the latter. The Annual Bullying Survey (2013) by Ditch the Label, a UK based anti-bullying charity revealed that physical appearance was the primary reason of bullying among 60.2% of bullied victims. This forces such children to find their own ways to help the situation. The annual survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported that 69% of teens and children made plastic surgery decisions due to appearance-based bullying while the rest did to prevent future bullying (AAFPRS, 2013). Apart from bullying, such mentality of society is reflected in preferential behaviors and appearance-based favoritism in educational institutions. Dion in his study (as cited in Sullivan, 2001) described how instructors indulge in favoritism towards attractive children and regard them superior in terms of intelligence, morality, appeal, and sociability compared to their unattractive counterparts. This results in the sinking of self-esteem of the students less on appearance pulling down their grades with it. Thus, from such a tender age they face this harsh reality of life they have to deal with in various forms for the rest of their lives. This instigates in them the urge to indulge in activities to...

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