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Affect Of Sports In Students Academic Level English Class/ 12th Grade Research Proposal

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Do you happen to know anyone who may be a student athlete? Student athletes are individuals who enroll within a school, that may be participating within an extracurricular activity; such as volleyball, band, football, and many others. Ever wonder why students who have great physical abilities for sports do not find school to be fit for them? Why do athletes find school so hard, and can’t seem to do their jobs within the classroom? Sports have been a major conflict for why student fail school. I find this situation very interesting, because it is one of the most common problems within my school. I see my fellow peers struggling academically, because sports seem to have made the expectations for each individual tenser.
 Sports have become a very common distraction to most students. It is to be believed as one of the reasons why student do not perform their best in class or meet their requirements. An article was written by an administrator on the 18th of March, 2014 from the National University of Florida, discussing this same matter. The “ student athletes academic effect” was a very important conflict held for FNU because 70% of college student athletes all over Florida were failing with keeping up with their academics. The situation had its Pros, but the Cons of...

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