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Affect Of Video Game Playing On Indirect Social Aggression

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Aggression in the media is nothing new, from TV shows to music; teenagers everywhere are engulfed in it every day. Aggression is a form of indirect or direct violence towards another person or subject. To study the effects that video game violence has on the aggression of teenagers and adolescents is a concerning thought. Teens becoming desensitized towards the violence they witness in their video games such as Grand Theft Auto, that have become so popular in the recent years.
Previous research has come up with results that support the idea that violence effects the player, but studies such as the one conducted by Anderson and Ford (1997) can only support this on a short term ...view middle of the document...

This study suggests that gamers can get used to the violence in video games if played over a longer period.
The last study by Deselms and Altman (2008) examined the relationship between violent videogames and sensitivity to aggressive acts. College students were assigned to play either a violent or non-violent video game. After playing, they were asked to read criminal stories and assign prison sentences to violent criminals. In one experiment participants assigned the sentences right away and in one they waited an hour and assigned the sentences. This study showed that men who played the violent video game gave a more lenient sentence to criminals than those who played less violent games. Yet, women, after playing the violent video game tended to assign harsher sentences. These results were found to last for at least one hour. This study supports once again, that men become desensitized towards violence after playing violent video games and therefore have different opinions on aggression.
The research has largely supported the hypothesis that violent video games have some short-term effect on men, yet there are many gaps in the research. No studies on long-term effects have been conducted which is a huge gap as this is an important question that should be answered. The research question in this study is if video games, violent or not have an effect on social aggression in a person’s daily life. To determine this participants will fill out a questionnaire answering questions about weekly video game playing and a survey called the Indirect Measure of Aggression.
I hypothesize that there will be a correlation between aggression in daily life and the amount of action video games played. I hypothesis that the longer hours of violent video game players have, will result in more displayed social aggression and hostility.
There were 209 subjects in the study (N=209) ranging in age from 18-23 years old. Although the range was 18-23 only one participant was aged 18 and one was 23, therefore they represent a very small portion of the data. In the study there were 26 male participants and 183 female participants resulting in data representing that ratio. All the subjects are undergraduate psychology students from Queen’s University. Participants were recruited through the PSYC203 class labs.
The participants were given surveys to complete through an online program. Participants were asked to fill out the questionnaire to the best of their ability and if they did not feel comfortable answering a question, feel free to leave it blank. There were 11 variables measured, the first being descriptive variables and then two sets of scales measuring aggression and amount of time playing video games. Using fill in the blank method the survey collected information on age, gender and birth order.
The indirect Aggression scale comprised of three subscales measuring different types of aggression; social exclusion,...

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