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Affect On Us History Essay

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The US in 1945 was wrapped around the idea of the communist attacking, and preparing themselves for the Cold War. With Eisenhower in presidency the Soviet Union was established. The Domino Theory came into play and enforced the fears of American citizens. Many Americans thought their freedom would be taken. The threat of bombing from H-bombs brought into effect Bomb shelters and Duck and Cover. However, us history from 1945 -1980 was affected more by Brown v. Board of Education, Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and computers.
Brown refused admission to elementary school based on race. There were originally five separate cases on segregation in public schools (History of Brown ...view middle of the document...

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” was publicly delivered on august 28, 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington (“I Have a Dream”). This speech was written on the bases to end racism in the US. Kings development of this speech really started 1960, when he gave “The Negro and The American Dream” speech to the NAACP (“I Have a Dream”). The focus on “I Have a Dream” came from improvisation at the end of the speech when King started to preach. It was also stated by Clarence Benjamin Jones that King “didn’t know what he was going to say twelve hours before the march” (“I Have a Dream”). In his speech king eludes to three great writings the Declaration of independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Constitution. He also alludes to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. King encourages people to seize the moment by repeating “Now is the time…” earlier in the speech (“I Have a Dream”). He states that “I Have a Dream…” he used this way to portray his dream of an integrated and unified America (“I Have a Dream”). US Representative John Lewis stated that “Dr. King educated, inspired, and informed the people throughout America in his speech” (“I Have a Dream”). He also applied biblical references to reinforce racial justice.
King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” affected the US by putting forth the problems of black people in America. It forces Americans to open their eyes and ears to what going on. He accomplished this without violence. King was able to get his message through. Since his speech the US has taken more of an effort to change. However, King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”, Brown v. Board was complimented in affecting the US with the aid of computers.
Maurice Wilkes assembled the EDSAC in 1949. It was the first stored-programs were stored on punched paper tapes (The Early History of Computers). The computer had a memory of 1,000...

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