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Affects Of High Cost Living Essay

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The tourism industry is the largest growing area in jobs, attractions and a way of life as time goes on. 2014 has started new projects and investment in luxury hotels all over the world. “Hotel President Wilson in Geneva being one at $83,200 night for the Royal Penthouse Suite being the most expensive in the world. Due to the rise in millionaires throughout the world has created a market for luxury suits” (Daisy Carrington, 2014) It has become a phenomenon for individuals who have become accustom to a certain life style when traveling to have high expectations when spending an obscene amount of money per night.
“According to Christopher Norton, the president of the hotel operation for ...view middle of the document...

With a future implication that maybe we could build an intriguing and anticipated hotel in Sochi for the people to experience if these other issues were confronted and supported with people who are now making enough to spend $83,000 per night on a room.
“Even the view comes with a price. The city has few natural resources. Its dependence on other countries for energy and water pushes up utility bills and “entitlement fees.” Transportation costing almost three times higher than in New York, when running a car or buying clothes it is the most expensive in the world, much of this is driven by its large population and potential within the economy. Economist unit and name Singapore world’s most expensive city to live in 2014.” (Staff, 2014) All of these facts lead to ideas increasing tourism as a luxury because it is. I believe traveling should be a key factor in ones life to grow and learn from different cultures. When the standard of living is so expensive it gives a negative out look for some individuals to completely cross traveling off their bucket lists because of the price of the trip. Is it worth it? Yes. Will a consumer or tourist see that if they leave with no money but a great story to tell? If it were me to different places it’s creates a lack of interesting people in the world.
Why the most anticipated hotel openings of 2014 in such places as Europe, Egypt, China, Amsterdam, Oman, London, Bali and even Beijing because markets are emerging with the demand to have the best of the best in all areas of hospitality in the tourism industry. “This creates places that clash of diverse cultures showcasing the best of all worlds” (Barry Neild, 2014) This statement interested me because it is true, these hotels of luxury are created to bring in more tourism because people desire to experience and have things not everyone can afford because it gives them a sense of entitlement to have high expectations of...

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