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Imperialism is best defined as the expropriation of a country by another country that is much stronger. The effects of imperialism in a country can be both negative and positive. Predominantly imperialism has negative effects on all countries, and was certainly a greedy act. Imperialism had a massive impact on Africa in many different ways. Europe’s desire for more wealth, land, and economic and political power made them scramble for parts of Africa. The Europeans used the idea of imperialism to take over Africa and make it their own.
Africa was a very diverse continent, with an abundance of natural resources, trade routes, and lots of land for farming. The Africans also controlled ...view middle of the document...

The King had the local chiefs sign false treaties, and tricked the people of the Congo into giving the land to him. This act is form of imperialism in the way that the much stronger country of Belgium manipulated and took over the weaker people of the Congo. Belgium became much stronger after taking over the Congo, and they received a huge amount of resources such as gold and rubber. As a result of Belgium imperialism, many other imperializing countries were inspired to expand their empires. The imperialism committed by King Leopold II was a wrong act and it is a prime example of the wealth and natural resources that the Europeans so greedily desired.
A perfect example of European imperialism over land is the story of German East Africa. When Germany had heard of the great lands in East Africa, they decided to take over. The Germans forced the East Africans to plant cash crops on their land instead of food crops to feed their people. The East Africans became upset, and suddenly a rumor went out that magic water called “maji maji”, when sprinkled on a person’s body would turn any German bullets into water. This rumor caused a rebellion from the people in 1905, and the uprising became known as the Maji Maji rebellion. Over 20 different ethnic groups united as one to fight against the Germans, and their spiritual movement was strong. However when spears and water are going up against machine guns, then the obvious choice for a victor is the machine guns. The Germans ended up killing over 75,000 people, and over twice that number died from famine. This rebellion really shook the Germans and they ended up making some reforms in the government to make the colony more acceptable for the East Africans. The Germans were willing to go as far as killing thousands all over the land and its usage. The idea of imperialism really brainwashed...

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