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Affects Of Spiritual Healing On The Brain

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In this era of science, of arduous rationality, why will God not go away? Why do individuals— even the highly matured and extremely sophisticated— adhere tirelessly to those marvelous viewpoints that the fundamental postulations of science comfort us simply cannot be? What give an explanation for the tenacity of religion? Why the soul starvation for the very sort of insubstantial mystical irrationalism that science was expected to alleviate? The explanation may be uncovered in the very nature of our intellect, in the neurological design of our brains. Our brains may perhaps, in point of fact, be naturally adjusted to spirituality. Whilst recognizing that neuroscience cannot disentangle the puzzle that continuously entrances the human consciousness did God build our minds or did our minds create God? In a comprehension of the divine presence for instantaneous spiritual advantage one needs to overlook dissimilarity which are agreeable to doctrinal populace, and to rise above all barricade in quietly deep yearning to let the celestial life enter without let or obstruction. For the time being one ponders only of divine associations, remembering that man is made in the illustration and likeness of God. Thus while honestly admitting what one has learned from errors, one no longer recognize the true self with the self that thus erred. For whatever the proof that man acts as if of himself, as an estranged self subject to unfavorable pressures, in self-love and love of the world, one declines for the instant to think in those terms: one imagines of man now in his larger estate. In that larger estate it is God who attains, not man. It is the heavenly life in us that guides us to liberty and usefulness. Man has no authority in and of himself to work such wonders. The power which man come into view to have in absolute sovereignty is due to an obvious cutting off of himself as if he were his very own, a secluded unit looking for private ends in ignorance of God and man. In very reality man is never cut off. He lives from God. He takes pleasure in freedom through the celestial presence. God is the genuine source of well-being and might. Unendingly man is sustained by life from the spiritual world. This understanding is reinforced by the consideration that all power is in spiritual life, and that there is no opponent power. That is, the soul is a spiritual being comprised of spiritual material prearranged for the freer life in the spiritual world that is to come as well as for understanding in this world. The spirit has judgment and dominant power over the fleshy tissue. It can rise above physical conditions and become energetic on the higher level. Every consideration is a help that is positive. Thought by thought one can construct up a routine, an approach that is constructive to the spiritual will. It is will or love which achieves the bigger work. Once more, there is might and cooperation in the consciousness that to co-operate with the heavenly the...

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