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Affirmative Action

DENIED. What would your reaction be if your college application was denied and rejected because of an unjust reason such as affirmative action? Picture this: you worked your butt off the entire way through high school and earned a 4.0 in addition to a 1500 on the SAT’s. You would be pretty confident that you wouldn’t have a problem getting into a good college, right? Wrong. The fact of the matter is; is that you might be cheated out of your education by a below average minority that just barely meets the qualifications to get into college in the first place because of the college’s quota that it must meet for minorities. Is that fair? No. Affirmative action is a movement created in 1965 to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women. Thirty-five years ago it may have been needed, but not any more. A college student stated on the Internet, “Why the h*** should the minorities get better treatment than me? I thought we were all equal! Equal my a**!”(Topic2 2). I’m sure that a lot of students feel the same way. If we all want to be equal, then it needs to be abolished. Affirmative action is bias, unconstitutional, and entirely unfair. In this report, I will tell you why.
Wall vt 1: to provide, separate, or surround with or as with a wall. A wall is precisely what is coming of affirmative action, a wall that separates the minorities from the general public. It is basically giving racism a defined line on which to base it. I believe that if we want to end discrimination all together, it needs to start here.
Who actually pays the price for affirmative action? “Critics say, that the cost is borne by white males-even those who may be personally innocent of racism or sexism in their own lives”(Woods 107). They feel this way because of Article III of the US constitution, which forbids the “corruption of blood”. “Corruption of blood is the punishment of descendents for the wrongdoings of their ancestors”(Woods 107). This is the reason for A.A. in the first place; the fact that minorities such as women or blacks where treated unfairly over 100 years ago. That’s like a child arguing in a classroom with a white student- “My great grand pappy was a slave! That means that you owe me!” That is part of the problem.
Now I’d like to expand on the whole purpose of A.A. It’s supposed to help minorities get an education or a job. I don’t think that it is very successful. Statistics do show that minorities and women have joined fields that were previously closed off to them, but this is not necessarily attributed to A.A. Thomas Sowell, a black scholar, “ argues that blacks were making remarkable progress, even before the start of A.A.”(Woods 104). He says that in the 100 years following the abolition of slavery, blacks were making “remarkable progress”(Woods 104). They were once living in third world country conditions and they had moved their way up and were living...

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