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Affirmative Action: A Good Intention Gone Sour

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Affirmative Action: A Good Intention Gone SourBy: Natalie C. WhitneyAffirmative Action is a policy that was introduced in the 1970s. It was intended to assure that Americans of all backgrounds have an opportunity to train for professions in fields such as medicine, law, education, and business administration. It was intended to make society true and equal. I, for one, am against affirmative action. These policies are a form of reverse discrimination in society. It is a very present issue in the workplace and even in places of higher education. Affirmative action needs to go away because it is not constitutional and goes against what our forefathers believed.Affirmative Action is a form of reverse discrimination. I believe that affirmative action creates a lower standard to those of minority groups; it encourages them to think that they deserve what they haven't really and truly earned. This policy makes it ok for a black or woman applicant to be accepted into medical school over a white male whose GPA is greatly higher. That is not fair and certainly not making our society fair. In the late 1970s, Allan Bakke, a white student who had been denied admission to Davis Medical School at the University of California, challenged the idea of affirmative action in higher education in the Supreme Court. Bakke charged that he had been the subject of "reverse discrimination" because black students with lower academic credentials had been admitted to the school (African American History). The Supreme Court ended in letting him being admitted. The policy is supposed to be protecting people from injustice and all the while it in not just to the 'majority'.Presently affirmative action is affecting our conditions in the workplace. There are many forms of discrimination still present in society. Many of these cases take place on a daily basis during hours of operations of businesses. The idea of affirmative action in the workplace explains why one person of a minority gender or race will often be hired over another person more qualified for the job. In most workplaces, any person who has gotten to their position through any other means besides hard work is often looked down upon. I believe that this creates a feeling of tension, which in turn exceeds workplace boundaries and leaks into our society. This tension then slowly expands into a type of contempt or despise for minorities who seemed to be getting a special treatment or good deal out of the policy of affirmative action. When feelings are like this the idea of affirmative action uniting us all seems be counterproductive.Affirmative action in places of higher education is a very big issue. In education, it means that universities and colleges give extra advantages and opportunities to blacks, women, Native Americans, and...

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