Affirmative Action Is Ineffective Essay

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Throughout the world America is referred to as the land of opportunity a place where opportunity is limitless, but is that so called limitless opportunity available and equal for all? For years Affirmative Action has tried to level the laying field, but its black field workers are still being oppressed. It is evident that Affirmative action is ineffective with the differences in the number of employed black's compared to whites and their difficulties to get and keep a job, blacks repetition in society has been tarnished due to stereotypes, and blacks face hidden discrimination.

Allover America people are loosing their jobs and struggling to fide another. Compared to its white population blacks have a substantially higher difficulty in finding work. The unemployment rate for blacks is double the rate for whites. If the number of job opportunity's is equal for blacks and whites then why is there such a enormous gap between the two. How can you view Affirmative Action as a successful means of equalizing blacks and whites chances to find work when they are light years apart from being even remotely close to each other. As time progresses the gap between the two only gets bigger and bigger as more blacks lose their jobs and add on to the unemployment rate. Across the country blacks struggle to find decent work and many fall short day after day year after year. For blacks it is had to fine work whether you are college educated and meet all the criteria for a job or not. As unemployment rates grow the unemployment rate for blacks grows faster than whites blacks are fired from their jobs more frequently than whites. How can this be if Affirmative Action did what it was suppose to do. Affirmative Action has been ineffective in the road towards equality. Blacks are not always so fortunate, but those who are fortunate enough to get a job face additional obstacles to keep it.

Blacks are forced to fight to keep whatever job they were lucky to get. Many Companies hire black workers but do not adequately train them which puts blacks at a further disadvantage. How can you properly preform for a job if you we not told how to properly do it. Because of this many black lose their job and are force to fide another again and the cycle continues, when will Affirmative Action step in and put an end to this tiring cycle of Inequality. Due to Affirmative actions unsuccessfulness blacks cat get jobs nor can they keep them. Great job Affirmative Action many people cant feed their families because of you, African American family's could not pay rent and are now being evicted from their homes, Bravo Affirmative Action you deserve an award for all you've done to help these people. Affirmative Actions failure is no laughing matter peoples lives are at stake and Affirmative Action isn't doing much to help. Affirmative Action was introduced to help minorities but it only causes more pain.

During the Civil Rights Era minorities suffered from discrimination....

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