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Papers are piling up on top of a desk. People are running around trying to meet their deadlines. Assignments are being pushed back to later dates. Phones are being answered, but put on hold for the next available representatives. The president of the firm puts out a notice of hire. The word is spread throughout the business community through the newspaper and the internet. Resumes are received every business day. The board members of the firm review hundreds of resumes that are received daily. They rate the applications according to qualifications and experiences. The names are disregarded at this point. A dozen of the applicants are chosen, and notified to setup initial interviews. One applicant meets all the qualifications, and has had numerous experiences in the field. This applicant clearly surpasses all the other applicants. The commitee is very impressed by this young man. He heads home in delight, hoping to hear from the marketing firm again. Unfortunately, he never hears from them again. The main reason why he was not chosen, was because of the color of his skin. Since he is Asian, they could not hire him, because 50% of their employees are Asian. Under the affirmative action, they must employ someone who is underrepresented. This type of situation happens often. It is not the qualifications, but the color of the skin that employers look for today. Affirmative action is a step backwards. We are back to color and race differences. We are all Americans and should be treated as so, not what ethnicity we are. Affirmative action should be abolished solely because we do not want to make the same mistake our society made in the past --- discriminate according to color. Two wrongs do not make a right.Many people say that we should keep affirmative action to render fairness to the minorities because of the wrongs that was once put on to them. This simply does not make sense. To compensate someone, a person must have gone through an experience. People today did not go through such discrimination, as their past ancestors. How can we punish someone for what they had no control? Our white society today did not commit the wrongs that were committed a generation ago. We should not punish them, but rather treat everyone fairly. We should treat everyone as Americans. As Bakke quotes the Constitution,'...The guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment extend to all persons. It's language is explicit: 'No State shall... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.' It is settled beyond question that the rights created by the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment are, by its terms, guaranteed to the individual.' (Bakke, p.485)In the past, we were fighting to abolish racial separation, but today, we have affirmative action, which still brings about the separation of the different races. We should fight for equality for all. Affirmative action affects everyone, including our children.Under the affirmative action law, our schools...

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Affirmative Action, this is a position paper on affirmative action. It would be most useful for someone trying to say affirmative action is wrong.

594 words - 2 pages Although proponents of affirmative action claim it is a remedy for the effects of past discrimination, all it does is promote reverse discrimination and demoralize blacks and minorities. I believe that affirmative action amounts to reverse discrimination. People who support it believe that it levels the playing field and helps disadvantaged people.Supporters of affirmative action acknowledge that while affirmative action is extreme, so is the

Legalized Discrimination in America this paper is about how affirmative action is a form of legalized discrimination towards whites in the United states.

1067 words - 4 pages United States history is filled with discrimination and injustice. Many Americans have fought for equality in the past. Dr. King marched for the rights of African Americans; someone needs to take a stand for those who are discriminated against because of affirmative action. Affirmative action is one of the many discrimination battles being debated in America today. "Affirmative action is simply another name for racial preferences" (Sadler 70

Affirmative Action

1021 words - 4 pages opinionated paper -Affirmative Action: Solution or Confusion?Affirmative action is a plan designed to end discrimination byguaranteeing minorities will be hired, regardless of race or gender. Whileour country hires such groups based upon these guarantees, thequalifications of such people are occasionally overlooked. Many believethat affirmative action is a very effective plan; however, the populationwhich opposes such action frequently includes

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1767 words - 7 pages importance of affirmative action. The concept of affirmative action has always been and continues to be a very controversial topic. This paper will focus on the positive and negative viewpoints of affirmative action as well as the future of its existence. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: ORIGIN AND MEANING. The existence of discriminatory behavior against minorities was the leading force in the creation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act

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542 words - 2 pages (warning:very opinionated!!) Major issues surrounding affirmative action question if this policy violates individual rights or if its necessary in creating an equal society. Affirmative action is a program that takes the sex or race of an individual into account when hiring, giving collage scholarships est. in order to balance the number of minorities and whites. The moral issues for this heated topic of debate include whether affirmative action

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657 words - 3 pages proactive removal of discriminatory barriers: Affirmative action as effective help (1995). Manuscript submitted for publication. Reported in Faye Crosby, Audrey Murrell, John Dovidio, Rupert Nacoste, Anthony Pratkanis, Janet Helms, "Affirmative Action: Who Benefits?", a briefing paper of the American Psychological Association, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues. 2. "Affirmative Action: Who Benefits?" 3. Ibid. 4. Ibid. 5. R. Wilson, Affirmative Action: Yesterday, Today, and Beyond (Washington, DC: American Council on Education, May, 1995).

Affirmative Action

884 words - 4 pages Action. Individuals who benefit from affirmative action must have legitimate job or educational qualifications. This paper will look at the relationship of Affirmative Action and the Title VII requirement of Equal Employment Opportunity. In addition, the paper will describe the elements of Affirmative Action as it applies to the public and private sector employers.. This report will explain which employers are subject to affirmative action plans

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1155 words - 5 pages Personal StatementOne area of our winter class study that really interested me was affirmative action. As a woman from a minority background affirmative action is a factor that impacts and affects my life, and therefore is the area I would like to examine for my final paper. I will, or at least plan on focusing on race based and gender based affirmative action. I would also like to include recent studies specifically about race-based affirmative

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1049 words - 4 pages Affirmative Action is a phrase heard in the public and private business sectors, however, is poorly understood as to exactly what these two words entail. Affirmative denotes a positive or confirming aspect to a situation and action represents an achievement or accomplishment (, 2008). This paper will describe a brief history of Affirmative Action and its elements as it applies to public sector and private sector employees, as well as

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1191 words - 5 pages current version into law on September 24, 1965. This paper will discuss affirmative action as it applies to public sector and private sector employers, and how it interacts with Title VII requirements, what employers are subject to affirmative action plans and why? This paper will discuss what do the plans require employers to do and what are consequences for non-compliance.Affirmative Action Regarding Public and Private EmployersAlthough Title

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1087 words - 4 pages . Affirmative action effectively widens the employment landscape and allows diverse innovative problem solving modalities that enrich both organizations and society.Affirmative action plans can result from voluntary decisions by employers or in response to requirements for being a government contractor or subcontractor. This paper will explain affirmative action, the employers that are subjected to affirmative action plans and why, what the plans

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775 words - 3 pages Supply Side Affirmative ActionIn this reading, Clarence Page discusses his opinion of affirmative action and has plenty of arguments citing the pros. It appears that he has strong conviction on the subject and almost comes off a bit aggressive. He continues to state that before affirmative action was developed, most jobs were awarded to the white male. I smiled upon the statement made in reference to affirmative action, if properly implemented