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Affirmative Action, This Is A Position Paper On Affirmative Action. It Would Be Most Useful For Someone Trying To Say Affirmative Action Is Wrong.

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Although proponents of affirmative action claim it is a remedy for the effects of past discrimination, all it does is promote reverse discrimination and demoralize blacks and minorities. I believe that affirmative action amounts to reverse discrimination. People who support it believe that it levels the playing field and helps disadvantaged people.Supporters of affirmative action acknowledge that while affirmative action is extreme, so is the problem that needs to be solved. Proponents say that the playing field is so tilted in favor of white people that affirmative action is necessary. The major way that it is tilted is that the skills necessary for success are nurtured by cultural institutions that minorities and disadvantaged people are excluded. Another thing that tilts the field is the SAT. They say the SAT measures skills and knowledge learned from a certain educational background; a background that not all people have. They would claim it measures cultural advantage. Another reason that affirmative action is needed is that, given a black man and a white man of equal economic status, studies show the black man would lead a significantly lesser life. To all those that say that affirmative action disenfranchises white males, proponents say that affirmative action is designed to help minorities and women and within that sense, not as a result of prejudice, some white males get rejected even if they are qualified. So overall, proponents of affirmative action say that it solves more problems than it causes and is necessary do help disadvantaged people.While affirmative action has all the good intentions it needs, it tries to jump over the problem and get straight to the goal. As Shelby Steele says, “it (affirmative action) leaps over the hard business of developing a formerly oppressed people to the point...

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926 words - 4 pages action is found everywhere. People may argue that affirmative action is wrong, but without it the only way to admit a freshman class would be to draw the names entirely at random, for that is the only way preference is not given to anyone on any basis.Carey, Virginia. Personal Interview. 4 Dec. 2005.Golden, Daniel. College Ties: For Groton Grads, Academics Aren't Only Key to Ivies. 25 Apr. 2003. 2 Dec. 2005.

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942 words - 4 pages , affirmative action is still a much needed program. Despite constant efforts, today's society is far from color-blind, and thus affirmative action allows minorities to get their foot in the door to universities where they would otherwise be denied entrance because of their color, despite individual merit. Without affirmative action, the minority population in Texas schools is likely to plummet. UT professor David Anderson is even more blunt. 'It will


777 words - 3 pages Affirmative action is a failed attempt to end racial discrimination in the work place and educational institutions. It has created a whole new brand of racial discrimination. People who are better qualified for jobs are turned away because a company or school has to meet a certain quota. This kind of discrimination should be stopped. People should be judged on their accomplishments alone. Affirmative action advocates would have people believe

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1568 words - 6 pages only legitimizes and legalizes it. In my personal opinion, affirmative action is a plan that can only enhance racial issues. For instance, what if someone loses out on the job position he or she deserved because this person is a part of the majority? Would race, gender, or a handicap not have anything to do with this injustice? Affirmative action has proven to be an injustice to the majority of society. Over the years there have been numerous

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2428 words - 10 pages own drawbacks. It is easy for organizations to fall into reverse discrimination if they don't carefully apply affirmative action into business practices. In addition, it sometimes also causes harm on some individuals. This is one of the most important reasons that controversies arose against affirmative action.To conclude, I would say that affirmative action is definitely not reverse discrimination, and it is still needed in today's society

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1155 words - 5 pages Personal StatementOne area of our winter class study that really interested me was affirmative action. As a woman from a minority background affirmative action is a factor that impacts and affects my life, and therefore is the area I would like to examine for my final paper. I will, or at least plan on focusing on race based and gender based affirmative action. I would also like to include recent studies specifically about race-based affirmative

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4923 words - 20 pages the usage of quotas. Affirmative action also has another flaw and that is it is trying to correct past discrimination be creating more. Some anti-affirmative actionists argue that affirmative action is a tool being used to get revenge on those who oppressed minorities by oppressing non-minorities. In a sense this is true however there are many white people whose forefathers had nothing to do with the discrimination of black people but yet

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3678 words - 15 pages humanity and would not have had this chance if it was not for affirmative action. Also, the people who had nothing in life now feel a worth and are able to give more to the ones they love. This is the good that is unseen by most, that would not be possible if not for affirmative action being put into effect in the world. Ethan Watters shows his opinion on that affirmative action is providing an unfair advantage over one race to another. People

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1330 words - 6 pages Perhaps one of the most divisive issues in the United States is race. While most Americans would rather not talk about it, there are still issues surrounding race that will strike the interest of most citizens. This is perhaps nowhere more true than the debate over affirmative action. Although the United States has made great strides in improving race relations over the past forty years, affirmative action continues to be one of the most

"Affirmative Action"

980 words - 4 pages working towards. The playing field is level, minorities and women have their rights, and they do not deserve special opportunities anymore. This is reverse discrimination, and isn't discrimination society's supposed nemesis? If it is so wrong to deny rights to minorities and women, which it is of course, why is it still acceptable for this to be done to the white male? It simply is not. Affirmative action was a wonderful idea in its time, but that

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1218 words - 5 pages must be achieved. Consequently, if a company fails to show it has made an effort toward following this quota the company can be fined. This is every different from an affirmative action goal. A goal is a flexible percentage, which is established by the company to achieve a diverse workforce. The percentage is based on the availability of minorities and females in the area. One of the goals is to make sure that many people are made aware of job

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775 words - 3 pages ability to make it positive. If a person were to be employed strictly because they were female, it appears that would be a difficult situation to enter, never being considered solely for their skill. I would like to accredit any position I have held due to the fact I was the most qualified. Not only should affirmative action be applied in employment aspects but especially in education. In addition to the employment issues, I think affirmative

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1690 words - 7 pages speak out against the atrocities of life in America (Raskin 35). Those who argue for affirmative action point out that our society has never been a meritocracy pointing out the preferential treatment of veterans (Skrentny 37). However, being a minority is not a choice; veterans make a choice to fight for the defense of this country and all who live in it. The special treatment of veterans may not be right, but it should also not be used to

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1071 words - 4 pages Affirmative action is wrong and will not help solve the problems minorities face.  The reason it is wrong is because it's discrimination.  It has no place in today's society in today's society because it does more bad than good.  In addition to that most people don't enjoy the presence of affirmative action.  Also, it appears that affirmative action can actually be detrimental to employees health.    &nbsp

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4217 words - 17 pages time to turn on our GPS and travel into the right direction for a change. Affirmative Actions approach must change for us to be able to move on, we've been looking at the problem wrong for over 60 years it is time for a change. In all that time Affirmative Action has proven ineffective let no further waist our time with a failed mission. How much longer will we allow our selves to be blinded. It is time to take off the blindfold and see the