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Affordable care act which is also known by the abbreviation ACA was signed to be part of the law in the United States federal statute in the year 2010 twenty third of March. The key aim to this act is to ensure that health insurance is affordable to all individuals in the U.S. The main intention of the act is to ensure that there is lowered uninsured rate that is to be made possible through expansion of private and public coverage of insurance services. More so, according to the act, there should be reduced costs for the individuals and the government in the healthcare industry. Under this law, it is the duty of an insurance company to make sure that all the applicants are offered the same rate within the minimum standards. This is regardless of the sex of an individual or the pre-existing condition. Quality healthcare is targeted in this act so that there is an effective delivery of healthcare services. (Sorell, n.d).

Information about the Affordable Care Act
The main issues that the act incorporates into its system are through the fact that there are minimum standards for health insurance under the policies established. Through this, all the individuals gain access to quality rather than quantity service. The law also, guarantees coverage for all the individuals and the insurers are to abide by these even pre-existing conditions (Ghosh, 2013).
All the individuals not covered by Medicaid; Medicare and employer sponsored health plan should pay a penalty or have a secure approval from a private insurance policy. An individual is exempted from this only in the case that, he or she under financial hardship or maybe belongs to the religious group that has been exempted in the internal revenue service.

The Affordable Care Act
Through this, the individuals under low-income rates have subsidies hence; they are able to comply with the directive from the policy (Ghosh, 2013).
The commencement of insurance exchanges in each state is to start as soon as possible. This will serve as a measure of comparing and contrasting of the policies and buying of insurance. The expansion of Medicaid and eligibility to all the individuals having an income going up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level will also be enacted. This includes the adults without children depending on them and the disabled adults. The process involved in state children’s health insurance program has been made simpler (Ghosh, 2013).
Through this system, Medicare system that is involved in payments is meant to be more efficient and deliver quality healthcare through restructure of reimbursements from fee for service to bundled payments. This restructure of reimbursements from fee for service to bundled payments. This restructure ensures that only a single payment is made to a hospital andƒ a group of physicians for a specific period. An individual thus has the advantage of only paying once to for Medicare. Through this, the gap has also been estimated to reduce and close...

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