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“Affordable Housing In Queensland Is A Myth” A Report On Housing Problems And Issues In Queensland

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"AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN QUEENSLAND IS A MYTH"A REPORT ONHOUSING PROBLEMS AND ISSUES IN QUEENSLANDAffordable housing in Queensland is a myth: Housing problems and issues in QueenslandTABLE OF CONTENTSList of tablesExecutive summaryIntroductionWhat is affordable housingResearched materialCurrent Issues and problemsHomelessnessPovertyHousing costs and affordabilityRental affordabilityHousehold affordabilityHome purchase affordabilityHome purchase and home ownershipPrivate and public rentalsLow cost housing situationQueenslanders with low cost rental housingConclusionRecommendationsReference ListAppendices1.0 List of TablesNumber and rate of homeless people by State, 1996Real rent trends for Queensland, Brisbane and Inner Brisbane, 1991-99 (rents from new bond lodgments with the Residential Tenancies Authority; 1989/90=100)Proportion of income paid by social security recipients on private rental accommodation, Queensland (column percentages; N = 293,299)Trends in affordability for renters and home purchasers, low income households, 1991-96Queensland tenure trends, 1976-1996Changes in private rental housing supply by rent, Queensland 1986-1996, (constant 1996 $)2.0 Executive summaryThis research report's objectives is to firstly analysis the current housing issues and problems, such as evidence of social exclusion, the costs of housing, and the supply of private rental housing. And secondly show present and future trends and issues that impact on housing. This report has been developed due to the request of the Department of Communities to determine the underlying factors contributing to Queensland's housing problems and issues to strengthen and protect the well-being of Queenslanders, particularly those who are vulnerable and most in need of support concerning housing.4.0 What is affordable housingAffordable housing refers to a range of housing issues affecting households and communities. These include, but go well beyond, the costs of housing to the household (Department of Housing,200).5.0 Researched material5.1 Current Issues and problems5.1.1 HomelessnessQueensland has the highest rate of homelessness than other States in Australia. In the 1996 Census recorded nearly 26,000 homeless people in Queensland, unlike New South Wales, which has a larger population, only had just under 30,000 (Chamberlain,2000, Cat No. 2041.0). Data retrieved from the 1996 Census shows Queensland as having the highest rate of homelessness then all the other States. The rate in Queensland was 77.3 persons per 10,000; only Western Australia, at 71.5 per 10,000, approached this rate (Chamberlain, 2000, Cat No.2041.0). (See Appendix: 1 Table: 1).Ms Natalie Roberts, Social Worker at Red Hill Homeless Shelter, stated in a personal interview on April 21, 2008 that at any given night there can be up to 100,000 people who are homeless throughout Australia. Natalie went on to say that homelessness has negative impacts on Queenslanders like, Physical and mental health, Child...

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