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Afghanistan A Country In Distress Essay

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Afghanistan- A Country in Distress

Afghanistan, a country located in South Asia just east of Iran whose population is 28,513,677, is one of the countries that I chose to address. Their government is under Transitional Authority which is in a state of unrest as national elections would formally dissolve this system and adapt or establish the Government of Afghanistan under a new constitution. The country like others in the Middle East suffers from enormous poverty and a few other problems to include the lack of skilled and educated workers, which also has such a grave effect on most other countries. The lack of is more than likely what lies beneath the country’s poverty. If people aren’t educated or don’t have the knowledge to perform certain tasks then this definitely causes a problem with employment issues.
Not only does the country have problems as these but they are also plagued by the crumbling infrastructure and land mines which hinder the expansion or opening of more companies, so there are definite geographical issues as well. One of the main economic concerns that I would like to make mention of is the poverty rate and problem with employment. Although the rate of unemployment is zero the lack of skilled and educated people could lead to possible unemployment as the job market calls for education and skill. With these factors in mind we think of the reasoning behind the poverty; if most of the labor force are uneducated and unskilled then the rate of pay isn’t very much which leads to the poverty.
The economic outlook has made significant progress over the past few years and this is partly because of the ending of a four-year drought that hindered many crops, international assistance in the amount of over $2 billion dollars, and a remarkable recuperation in agricultural production. The agricultural workforce is made up of 80% of the country’s people while the other 20 percent works in services and industry. Even though unemployment doesn’t exist, the country is still poor but hopes to see some significant progress and changes to offset the housing shortages, the lack of clean water, infrastructure reconstruction, jobs, education, and economic reform.
One third of the GDP comes from opium trade which fell to a low with the past drought but the replacement is well under way. The GDP rate is 29% but appears to be such a high amount because of past figures resulting from the drought and the impact of international assistance. The country exports opium, fruits and nuts, hand-woven carpets, wool, cotton, hides and pelts, precious and semi-precious gems and equals to about $98 million not counting the illicit trade of opium. The country’s import totals to...

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