Afghanistan And Developmental Impediments Essay

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During Afghanistan history many different people occupied Afghanistan that influenced in different way. In 3rd Century till 8th Century A.D. Buddhism intensively spread in Afghanistan and mainly the Buddhist center was in Banyan Province. Their influences are notable as the form of art that many caves are covered by Buddhist paintings. Likewise, Afghanistan was controlled by various Persian, Greek, Central Asian empires and Sassasian. Arab invader people from Umayyad Dynasty defeated Sassasian and occupied Afghanistan during eight till ninth century. They brought Islam religion and spread extremely in many provinces of Afghanistan. In 1200s the Mongols emerged and defeated these small ...view middle of the document...

The first war defeated British armies and in the second war Amir Abdur Rahman took the afghan throne. Throughout his resign (1880-1901), British and Russia worked over the foundation of Afghanistan’s boundaries that become modern Afghanistan through the delimitation of the Durand Line.
In the mid-1990s, Taliban were other savage invaders who took the control over Afghanistan. Taliban were educated in madrassas in Pakistan who came to control Afghanistan. Mostly they were from the Pashtun people backgrounds who were inspired by the excitement of religion and they wanted to make the stability of the country with harsh religious rule by following war method. They did not let the people to get education mostly the women accept religious knowledge which affected to increase the number of illiterate people. Taliban seized the freedom and made the people to suffer hard situation of life. Then American government started bombing in Afghanistan to murder Bin ladan, head of Taliban, who had been known guilty of the September 11 World Trade Center bombings. American troops took many places of Afghanistan and still they are united with afghan’s government. (A Brief History of Afghanistan). Taliban’s regime caused to increase the number of illiterate people and backwardness of country. Still, the big problem is that majority of afghan people are illiterate that led the underdevelopment of country. Recently, Taliban are against afghan government and American troops that led many corruptions and immorality while there is no way for Afghans accept suffering.
The invaders issues that caused internal wars were one of the impediments of development and moreover, heroin production is also one of the recent problems in Afghanistan. William R. Brownfield also said that today Afghanistan produces more than 80 percent opium of the world that causes the weakness of government and destroys public health. It also causes the corruptions, destructions and giving chance to Taliban to earn more money. Taliban has earned at least 155$ from the narcotic taxations and exportations.

Another impediment to...

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