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Afghanistan: The Unnecessary War? Essay

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Soldiers are often considered robots, meaning they have no real concern about the battle they are fighting. This is not true, especially in the case of the war on terrorism. If one were to ask a soldier what he thought of the war in Afghanistan, he would immediately tell you that it is a necessary war to keep the United States safe from the terrorists. Unfortunately, Americans do not think the same way soldiers or the families of soldiers do. Most Americans believe the war is a waste of time, money, and American resources. This thought process is not only wrong, but completely unfair to the troops serving. The Afghan war cannot be won by fighting or blood loss, but the war can and will be won by American occupation in Afghanistan.
The jihad is often considered to be a holy war, but the jihad in Afghanistan is the terrorist group responsible for the attacks that continue happen in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan has a defined military strategy that is being followed by the troops. This proves the belief that no one is in charge of the military is untrue. The military has a defined objective for Afghanistan. The purpose of the war is to stop violence and the spread of the Jihad in Afghanistan (Bacevich). The spread of jihadism would be a direct problem for the American citizens. Many Americans do not see this as a problem, when in fact; it could be a serious threat to American safety. If the jihad was to continue spreading, there could be a potential rise of a jihad in the United States. This is why it is necessary to keep jihadism from spreading.
The military strategy in Afghanistan was lined out for Obama by General Stanley McChrystal. It was made intensely clear that if the plan was denied, it would be almost like declaring a defeat in Afghanistan. The strategy by McChrystal was stated that the president will “anoint counterinsurgency, embrace George W. Bush’s concept of open-ended war as the response to jihadism, affirm that the military might will remain the principal instrument for exercising American global leadership, as has been the case for decades (Bacevich).” The strategy should always be to combat the insurgents in Afghanistan with whatever means necessary.
It has been stated many times that a stable Afghanistan would make for a stable Pakistan, which would make for a more stable Middle East. Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Stephan Biddle says that chaos in Afghanistan would lead to destruction in Pakistan (McMahon). This would be why a troop surge was needed to Afghanistan. Many Americans, however, believe that this is a waste of resources that Americans could use elsewhere. The people want the soldiers home, yet they fail to realize that the soldiers are protecting the country. While the soldiers are overseas in Afghanistan, the Americans can rest assured that no terrorist will attack in the middle of the night.
The war has by no means been an easy one for the American troops. The soldiers face the constant...

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