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Canadian Attitudes Towards The Afghanistan War

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“Over the past century, Canadian attitudes towards the use of force and the exercise of military power in support of national aims have fundamentally shifted”. This is a quote written by Major Todd Strickland in his article, titled, “From the Boers to the Taliban: How Canadians Attitudes towards War Have Changed”. This article reviews Canada’s history within the wars and also Canadian’s thoughts on war. The Afghan war began in 2001 and is still ongoing today. The war began due to the terrorist attacks that took place in the United States on September 11th, 2001, also known as 9/11. The purpose of this war was to invade Afghanistan and to disassemble an organization, known as the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Another objective was to dismantle the Taliban government. The Taliban government was simply to blame for the deaths of so many Americans on 9/11. The leader, brains and financial support behind this organization was one by the name of Osama bin Laden. Because his country did not surrender him, the United States made the decision to declare war on Afghanistan and fight for those who lost their lives in 9/11. Canada became involved in the Afghan War very quickly after the attacks of 9/11. Because the Afghanistan war is a war that is constantly covered by the media, it makes the information overwhelming. To narrow the topic down, this paper will focus mainly on the Canadian’s involvement in the Afghanistan war. Violent political wars have been reoccurring for as long as anyone can remember, and the intensity of this violence continues to rise. The magnitude of political violence involved, the main interpretations on the causes of political violence, and the prospects for conflict resolution are all topics that will be covered in this essay. The central idea that this paper is going to focus on is the war in Afghanistan and how Canada has contributed to this war in a positive aspect, and their main purpose for being involved in the Afghan war itself. Throughout this paper I would like to conclude with an answer on whether or not an external country such as Canada, who has joined the Afghan war, is responsible for improving or making the war in Afghanistan worse.

The magnitude for political violence varies in different political wars. __ the author of __ disclosed that the “presence of small arms in Afghanistan is so overwhelming”. Whether the conflict is between families marriages, land, water, business, communities, or conflict between individuals, has grown in the degree of violence.(14) The Taliban, which discussed previously, was the leading political organization in Afghanistan. The Taliban was most scrutinized because of their religious interpretations of the Muslim law, and most importantly because of their brutal treatment of women. There have been reports that the Taliban committed massacres against its civilians and engaging in human trafficking. Human trafficking is abducting a human being and selling him or her into sex slavery....

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