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Afraid To Be An Individual Essay

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During Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn conflict between society and morality are constantly taking place. Twain plants a boy named Huckleberry Finn in the Deep South that is engulfed with hostility and injustice. Huck is taken captive and abused by his father. In a desperate attempt to escape, he finds a pig and uses its blood to create a murder scene and deter any one who might search for him. While in hiding he meets up with a runaway slave named Jim who is a victim of slavery and the harsh life that comes with the title. On their way to Cairo, Missouri they run into scandals, thieves and a war between two families that don’t even know they are fighting. As a young ...view middle of the document...

While Huck is lead to believe this is okay he proceeds to act on his heart and let Mary Jane know he, the Duke, and the King are frauds and only want the money left from their uncle’s passing. After finally deciding to be rid of the two Huck returns to his raft and distances himself from the morally foul pair. The Duke and king are willing to break hearts and step on others to fulfill their own desires. Even though they don’t always directly steal or hurt people they take advantage of them and take what does not belong to them. Fortunately, Huck is able to break through the barrier of fear ,help the situation, and also hinder further plans of the duke and the king. Finally when the Duke and King reaped what they have sewn , Huck watched the two be punished but still felt that they were people subject to southern cruelty. Huck has a warm heart and seems to gain confidence through the conflicts he come up against and disregards questionable rules of society for his own moral code.
Throughout the book Twain uses Jim to mentor Huck, even though he lacks a basic education he has proper morals. In the south it would be considered inappropriate for them to be friends. Huck and Jim develop “in their relationship, a love and respect for persons regardless of color or knowledge or beliefs”(Cohen 71). During these times this would be blasphemy in the south. In society Jim is equivalent to a mule, but acts like a father figure for Huck. Jim opens Huck’s eyes to the problems that Twain portrays in the south, and shows him the evil in slavery. Though Jim is in fact a slave, he seems to see life through wiser eyes then many of the upper and middle class “white people.” Jim, even while being temporarily free, still has his mind on his family for:
“he was often moaning and mourning that way nights, when he judged I was asleep, and saying, “Po’ little ‘Liza-beth! po’ little Johnny! it’s mighty hard; I spec’ I ain’t ever gwyne to see you no mo’, no mo’!” He was a mighty good nigger, Jim was.”(Twain 117).
It stuns Huck to hear of Jim’s love for his children, because in society Jim was an animal. The southern people that this book depicts lack much reason and concern for one another, while the people they deem property have a better understanding of right and wrong.
Twain makes the reader question what is the true meaning of being civilized. Is it doing the same thing that you see others do and not change, or is it doing what we feel is right and making a stand? During the time of the Duke and Kings shenanigans they put n a dreadful show, but the crowd instead of warning others to steer clear of the show, lied so everyone could feel their loss. This instead of teaching the duke and king a lesson they only fed their games. The people are cowards and hypocrites that only act for their own interest. This is the same during the Colonel Sherburn and Boggs incident....

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