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Africa Essay

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Europe tried to take many countries, Africa being one of them. The European countries had an effect on Africa today throughout all the primes. Europe had an effect on the African way of life, that in some ways were good, and in some ways bad.
Imperialism is defined as the extension or rule or influence by one government, nation, or society over the political, economic, or cultural life of another. European nations decided they wanted land in the mostly unexplored continent, and they took it, without the consent of the African people. Europe brought Christian ideas into Africa. Religion was changed from what it would have been to Christianity today. If you look at most of the countries in Africa such as Angola, Congo, Ghana or Zimbabwe the main religion practiced is Christianity. You can see that Protestant and Catholic groups are about equally represented throughout the continent basically leading back to the Christian religion. Before the Europeans came to Africa their main religion was Islam. Europeans brought missionaries into Africa and started changing their religion or preaching about Christianity. When they bought a slave they would teach that slave to practice the Christian religion as well. Twenty-five percent of Africa is Christian. Christian churches are growing rapidly in the nations south of the Sahara and especially in southern Africa. It just proves that Imperialism in Africa changed the religion and peoples beliefs today. European missionaries introduced Christianity into sub-Saharan Africa during the 19th century. Missionaries came in and started to change the way Africans thought about religion and what they...

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