Africa. The Problems Faced By Africa In The 21st Century And An Evaluation Of Those Problems.

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IntroductionNormally when you ask a person what they think of when you say Africa, they will tell you about its terrible poverty and in what conditions the Africans have to live under. All of what they will say will most likely be based on information given to them by a charity group, as it is unlikely that the person in question researched the subject by him/herself. I have written this report to answer some important questions:* How did Africa get to be so poor and separated from the rest of the world? As they are supposed to be the oldest civilisation wouldn't they be the most developed?* If charities and foreign aid are donating so much money why do we still hear about people living on less than £0.65 per day?* If the present is so bad for Africa what will the future hold?Before we go into the main part of the report I have made a brief timeline showing you how Africa got into the state that it needed aid.1485 - The Dias voyage opens trade relations with Africa.1562 - England starts a "slave trade which is basically bringing beads and other worthless stuff from England going to Africa and exchanging the cargo for live slaves and then going to South America and exchanging the slaves for sugar, tobacco and rum. Finally, returning to England to sell the American products for more money than they originally started off with.1652 - The Dutch go even further and set up a colony of "Boers" or farmers who inhabit an island later called Cape Colony in South Africa.1795 - The British empire take over Cape Colony from the Dutch and the Boers have to move further into African territory.1818 - Shaka an African chief of the Zulu tribe starts a war against his African and European neighbours in Southern Africa but loses.1830s - France invades Algeria.1879 - The Zulu War, an Englishman called William Gladstone says:"Ten thousand Zulus died and their only crime was to try to defend their families against the British guns"1881 - Powerful European countries have a meeting discussing Africa and decided to divide it and so began the "Scramble for Africa". Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy all get a piece of the mysterious "dark continent". Now, all of the countries above are exploiting the land and people.1948-1994 - The Apartheid Policy takes action - blacks and whites are separated in order for the outnumbered whites to keep a firm control.1952-1963 - War of Independence in Kenya.1953-1956 - Moroccan War of Independence.1954-1962 - Algerian War of Independence.1955-1960 - War of Independence in Cameroon.1956-1965 - Ethnic conflicts in Rwanda.1957 - Ghana gets its independence.1960 - Congo gets its independence.1960-2001 - Separatist conflicts in Senegal.1961-1965 - Angolan Civil War.1962-1974 - War of Independence in Guinea.1960-1965 - Most African countries get their independence.1965-1975 - War of Independence in Mozambique.1966 - Ethnic unrest in Uganda.1970s - Mobutu Sese Soku, a dictator, comes to power in Zaire. The US...

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