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Africa: Warfare Causes And Effects Essay

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Cultural Conflict and developing nations go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. Conflict is all around us. As many of you know Africa is one of those continents with widespread conflict. The cause and effects of Civil Warfare are both global and profound. The conglomeration of these effects on developing nations is a travesty. The Sub-Saharan African culture has been one of the most affected nations world wide by civil disturbance, and is a direct result of a multitude of causes ranging from oil production, mining of diamonds and global warming. The severity of the effects on their population is discerning. The suffering is serious and encompasses the spectrum of children as well as the ...view middle of the document...

To find the books necessary to help with my paper, I again used the Ohio State University’s online library website to search all the campus libraries for works of literature regarding the issue. After all of my research, I reviewed multiple anthropological and mainstream articles and works of literature that will help me explain my thesis.
When analyzing a topic like this there is a vast amount of causes that went into the development of the conflict. While trying to dig and find the main cause, you often should analyze the report on historic backdrop, even looking as far back as the colonial period. It is often noted that colonial regulation has aided in describing as well molding the civilizations where civil warfare has emerged. On top of colonial history, the analyzing of socioeconomic differences should be explored. These may result from indigenous and societal disparities, to philosophical and diplomatic differences, even reaching into the break of wealth among society. Problems in the environment could be the root cause of warfare. Not to mention just the overall weaknesses of the developing area. But, at the same time the root causes of conflict could be derived from outcome of guidelines and exercises implemented by governing elects. The vision of the future often plays a large role in the vision of governing elites. It has been noted as well that civil wars/wars can arise from happenings and occurrences in neighboring territories/countries or possibly the globe as a whole.
The research performed help informed me about the ongoing cultural conflicts taking place in Sub-Saharan Africa. Information gained from this helped reinforce the idea that cultural conflict in developing nations results from swift and widespread technological and social change. The research performed dealt with a wide range of topics relating to conflict. The articles researched informed me of the causes, effects and anthropological perspective relating to warfare as a whole and civil warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa. From my research I was able to reinforce my opinion that multitude of causes and effects that stem from civil warfare are wide ranging and in some way can affect everyone in the nation whether in the past, present, and future.
According to Mary LeCron Foster (1986), “Anthropologist have found that, however repugnant the idea may seem, warfare has often been a successful coping device. Warfare has been a major implement in uniting social groups into large and economically more viable bodies” (p. 354). If I could have Mary LeCron Foster review the same articles and books I researched discussing the never-ending list on causes of warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa, I do not think her opinion would be the same. The sources that were researched discuss the vast causes of warfare range from the comparison of causes of civil war in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, to how warming increases risk of civil war in Africa, and lastly the roots of conflict.
It has been...

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