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African American Criminal Justice Graduates In The Real World

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Introduction/ Purpose of the Study
Does obtaining a degree in a particular field grantee you a successful career within that field? As for African Americans, will most criminal justice graduates have a career in their field of study post graduation? How long will it take to achieve a career in the criminal justice field? The theme of this research is to examine the advantages of obtaining a criminal justice degree and how effective it is within individuals’ careers within the field of criminal justice. Through this research readers will be educated on the effectiveness of having a criminal justice degree. Current undergraduate students will grasp an idea of whether obtaining a criminal ...view middle of the document...

Participants that voluntarily agree to assist within this questionnaire will be informed as to the purposed and reasoning of the survey. Questions will range from what type of careers they hold to how long it took to receive those careers. The expected time consumption of this case study is expected to take no longer than a semester. Post completing this study, the participants will be made aware of the findings and the significance that it plays in their lives.
Literature Review 1
Since the first criminology program for police officers was founded in 1916 at the University of California at Berkeley in the United States, experts have debated whether baccalaureate degrees in criminology/criminal justice (C&CJ) programs are necessary for individuals to become police officers, correctional officers, or probation/parole officers (Schanz 2013). The debate concerning whether college education is necessary for criminal justice practitioners continues to be discussed today. “Criminal Justice educators are still accused of operating ‘cop shops’ or ‘advanced training academies,’ yet few efforts test these stereotypes against the experiences of police consumers” (Carlan 2006). Studies have been conducted to examine the impact of college education on officers’ job performance or on their increased job satisfaction. This is the most current research done on this particular subject thus far. The author of “Perceptions of Undergraduate Students on Criminology and Criminal Justice” is Youngyol Yim Schanz. Schanz represents Slippery Rock University which is located in Pennsylvania. The objective of the research is to evaluate the perceptions that criminal justice students have on obtaining a criminal justice degree. In addition, this research is made to inform and educate readers of the advantages of having a criminal justice degree and to determine whether or not it will benefit students that have graduated with a...

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