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African American History Essay

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African American History FinalAnique Thomas6/9/083periodThe civil rights movement in the United States was a very important part of African American history. Different events and many different amazing leaders made it possible for African American freedom. The civil rights movement was a time of tragedy and triumph. Many different events took place during the civil rights movement that set the course for African American for a lifetime. There were major events that took place during the civil right movement and will be discussed in question one.On August 25th 1955, was the death of Emmett Till. Emmett Till who is originally from Chicago was traveling with his cousin Curtis Jones to Money Mississippi. Money Mississippi is where Emmett Till took his last breath. Emmett Till made what was a really bad decision in that time period, he said "Hey Baby" to a white woman by the name of Carolyn Bryant. Carolyn told both her husband Roy Bryant and brother JW Milam. Both Roy and JW took matters into their own hands. They went to the home of Mose Wright, Emmett Till's great uncle and Curtis Jones grandfather. They then demanded for Emmett Till to come out of the house and get into the car because he was in some trouble. They then killed Emmet Till leaving his body in the Tallahatchie River.Emmett Till's body was found and brought to Chicago for all to see. The NAACP worked on the trial and brought in lawyers. Their goal was to publicize the death of Emmitt Till as much as possible. The NAACP used television and magazines to get the news out so the terror in the south could be seen all through the United States. Even though both Roy Bryant and JW Milam confessed to the murder of Emmett Till to a magazine they couldn't be charged because of double jeopardy. By the white men not being charged the first time clearly states that white men and women were superior to law. This event was so important to the civil rights movement because it showed the discrimination within laws and the lack of government protection for black Americans.The Montgomery Bus Boycott is a major event that gets discussed very often. The boycott happened in 1955-1956 and lasted eleven months. Many African Americans refused to ride the bus at this time because they were sick and tired of being treated less than nothing and second to whites. African Americans walked and rode black taxis instead of using the busses. Rosa Parks was a leader in this movement. It was Rosa Parks secretary of the NAACP who refused to give up her seat to white person. Rosa Parks was very tired and tired of being mistreated by whites that is what promoted her actions that day. Rosa Parks was escorted by police to leave the bus and refused; she then got put into jail. This set the course for the bus boycott. Martin Luther King was also involved in this movement. He preached about equality and helped organize bus boycotts.Discrimination within public facilities is not expectable and that is what African Americans were...

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